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Champion of Perfection: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be launched soon

The following flagship product from the manufacturer who is not comfortable with 5G, Innovative and ultra-fast charging, may arrive in September

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after the Samsung's announcement of its innovative Bright HMX sensor, With a megapixel resolution of 108 and with public collaboration is surprising something with (Xiaomi) to enable it to be the first company in the market to use the model - it is time to begin the flood of rumors and prophecies that will connect the puzzle pieces and explain what the Chinese manufacturer's plans for the near future are.

The top estimates are That the huge resolution sensor has a huge resolution Will make a debut in the Mi Mix 4, perhaps as early as next month or this November - depending on which of the leaks you choose to listen to. The new scion for a series of "riot" choices with new technological capabilities and unusual designs should include support for 5G connectivity in at least some markets (similar to the Mi Mix 3 model in the 5G version Which was already introduced earlier this year), Deliver great performance thanks to Qualcomm's fresh Snapdragon 855 Plus chip and perhaps even return to the payee in terms of life With 4,500mAh capacity that supports fast 45 watts charging.

Every generation of Mi Mix devices has surprised us with extraordinary choices - will this happen for the fourth time as well?

We don't know yet whether the Mi Mix 4 will keep The predecessor's unusual slider configuration In order to provide maximum space for the display panel without giving up a dedicated selfie camera - but in any situation it will be interesting to find out how the company will deal with Bright HMX sensor Larger than 2 of the most popular sensors on the market today, and will almost certainly require the use of a custom lens set that will significantly increase the thickness of the entire camera module. Will it be possible to combine design and usability or will one have to compromise one another? We'll probably find out soon.

The slider will stay? Assuming the Mi Mix 4 does use the 108 megapixel sensor at the back, we're not really convinced that it will be possible

Another new device from the company will be another roll of the popular Mi 9, this time with support for fifth-generation connectivity. The Mi 9S 5G may offer an AMOLED 6.39-inch screen at increased WQHD resolution, Snapdragon 855 Plus, main camera with optical image stabilization array and 4,000mAh battery with fast wired charging support, along with dedicated modem To support the latest and most agile cellular generation where infrastructure exists for this purpose. Worth the wait for the upgrade decisions? Let's talk about it in the comments.

The latest and most elaborate version of the Mi 9 family on the way to official visibility?


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