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You will not find faster than this: OnePlus introduces the new flagship

OnePlus 7 Pro is the most expensive and prestigious of the Chinese manufacturer to date - and will also have a slightly discounted companion

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The wait is over and here's another new flag product landed on the smartphone sector and will add to the simplistic debates expected for various upgrades - the 7 Pro looks like another highly competitive offer from the young manufacturer, despite the fact that price levels have risen once more relative to past years and incarnations.

The upscale model will deliver an advanced 6.67-inch Fluid AMOLED screen with 3,120 × 1,440 pixels resolution and a high 90 Hz refresh rate (compared to 60 Hz on most smartphones today), Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm, 4GB LPDDR8X memory as a base, ultra-fast internal storage in the new UFS 3.0 standard, Pie with OxygenOS 9 interface, pair One of which is integrated into the earpiece and the other at the bottom of the device, a triangular backlit array with an IMX586 unit with an 48 megapixel resolution that includes optical image stabilization and a pair of additional close-up and wide-angle units, a hidden mechanical SLF camera with 16 megapixel resolution and an optional 4,000mAh Fast up to 30 watts.

Put the speed of use first and foremost in its 2019 version - we'll soon know if that bet paid off

The OnePlus 7 Pro holds the fast-paced, uncompromising motto, which is reflected in the operating time of the built-in fingerprint sensor (0.21 seconds only), load speeds, camera response speed, agility of the processing chip and of course the unique refresh rate of the screen That only two models Phone. And the price? It will amount to 750 EUR (including the European VAT equivalent addition) to the base model with 128GB of , 805 Euro model with 256GB of Which will undoubtedly be the most worthwhile and 920 EUR for the top model with 256GB of And 12GB of Dynamic.

Feeling too expensive for a OnePlus product? You can prefer the standard OnePlus 7 that offers a more traditional front drop design, 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED screen with 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate - but also the same Snapdragon 855 leads, 4GB or 6GB LPDDR8X dynamic memory, UFS-based 3.0 built-in storage, IMX586 sensor-based primary camera with optical stabilization, stereo speakers, dual-channel Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity, NFC built-in receiver Double channels and the like.

God- The 7 Pro will be available in three shades - two of them glossy and one (middle) in matte style

The price of the OnePlus 7 will be 575 EUR per base model with 6GB of dynamic memory and 128GB for storage, while a significantly upgraded model with 256GB of storage and 8GB of Will be priced at 640 Euro - when the 6T is still not going anywhere and is destined to continue to be sold at prices slightly lower than those of the standard 7 model.

Ensures consumers charge very quickly in general - and faster than all competitors when it comes to plug-in usage, while demanding gaming in particular

Initial reviews released on the web immediately after the official announcement praised most features of the new rollout, including enhanced photography capabilities (which even earned no less than 111 points in DxOMark - third place among all examinees to date), operating system interface, Battery life and charging times, design, build quality and audio - but still a little hard to ignore relative disadvantages like lack of official water and dust protection, lack of wireless charging support, lack of card support For storage expansion and connector absence Or a dedicated adapter in the case.

Model The standard 7 is very reminiscent of the Successful 6T - and will compete with it on the hearts of users in the first period

Many consumers will be willing to ignore these disparities in return for a price lower than several hundred shekels from flagship products and- - but this is still expected to be fair and close competition between models, with no knockout from the direction of . What do you think about the new models? Let's talk about it in reactions!

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