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Huawei's new smartphone: Chinese-German luxury at the price of EUR 1,300

The leading Chinese manufacturer in the market unveiled its new flagship device with top-class performance and load capacity Unparalleled - but to get the most advanced and impressive version, you'll also have to spend a huge amount

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God- Mate 9 has been officially revealed, and certainly not disappointing - at least from the standpoint of unusual parameters worth noting and talking about.

The Chinese manufacturer's new tablet, which dreams of bypassing Apple on the way to the second place on the market, offers an advanced IPS screen (96 coverage of NTSC standard colors and NNUMX 1,500 contrast ratio) and 1p, Kirin 960 is a new core octagon of the HiSilicon subsidiary, which is expected to deliver performance similar to other flagship models such as the Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890, 4GB LPPDR4 memory, built-in storage based on the latest UFS 2.1 standard in 64GB Or 128GB, system Based on the latest version of the Magnet and the MIUI 5.0 interface, as well as a complete metal shell in the best tradition of the company.

Nice to meet you

The Mate 9 camera set is definitely interesting, and is an upgrade of what we saw on the P9 device earlier this year - a pair of rear cameras developed together with Leica, one 20 megapixel color sensor and optical stabilization system, the other XNX sensor Megapixel for black-and-white photography that provides enhanced contrast and granularity to the final product, while the two cameras' output can also be combined for a digital zoom-like effect up to 12 from the standard viewing angle, along with enhanced digital zoom up to 2. The new generation chip finally includes photography support At a rate of 30 frames per second, and the camera has an auto focus based capability And is based on phase detection, as well as dual-color LED flash. In the front you will get a megapixel 8 camera with a relatively large f / 1.9 maximum aperture.

Another area worth noting is the battery - the Mate 9 will offer a generous 4,000mAh battery that should shine with Generated by an up-to-date 16 nanometer process, and this battery will also support supercharged SuperCharge with up to 25W (5 ampere in 5 volts) For a whole day in just twenty minutes of connecting to an outlet.

The tablet weighs an insignificant 190, and has a thickness of about 7.9 millimeters
The tablet weighs an insignificant 190, and has a thickness of about 7.9 millimeters

The fun tablet will include Built-in NFC, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity with an array of 2 broadcast antennas and 2 reception antennas, connectivity support In the 12 category for download speeds of up to 600 megabits per second, Bluetooth connectivity 4.2, built-in fingerprint scanner under the main camera set, a four-microphone array for advanced noise cancellation in conversation and recording, Type C (which supports speeds 2.0 basics) and more - all will be offered on white, black, gilt, gray, gray, and relatively unique mocha browns.

Lots of shades to choose from
Lots of shades to choose from

The Mate 9 will be offered in various markets around the world and will be placed on 700 (including taxes) at the end of the month, which will be placed just below the large banner devices such as Google's Pixel XL, 7 Plus and V20, with each model having its own gimmicks and the competition is not going to be easy at all, but much more surprising is the Mate 9 Porsche Design model, created in full partnership with the design company that is a subsidiary of the famous sports car manufacturer.

The PD model offers a slightly different, but seemingly non-larger design (except for the large Porsche Design logo on the front that makes it clear to everyone that you paid a lot of money for the product)

This upscale model, which we heard about before launching the Mate 9 Pro, will offer some significant changes - smaller and more compact dimensions due to the use of a super-convex Super AMOLED screen on both sides of the 5.5-inch and QHD resolution (yes, probably the same one as on the devices) S7 Edge, a brushed metal case that will be available in black only with a fingerprint scanner going to the front of the device, an 4GB LPDDR6, Built-in Huge 2.1 of 256GB.

The screen is slightly less convex than the Galaxy S7 Edge, but it should nevertheless support specific touch gestures for this structure
The screen is slightly less convex than the one in S7 Edge, but should nevertheless support specific touch gestures to this structure

The other features of this model will be identical to the standard Mate 9 (the same impressive array of cameras) Processing and processing A big one that claims big power), but that doesn't stop the pair of companies that created it from giving it a price tag of… 1,300 Euro (!), Which suddenly makes the price of the standard enlarged model feel a lot more sane.

The network has reported that a model similar to the popular Mate 9 PD, without the help of the design company, is due to arrive in the market in the next two months - perhaps under the name Mate S2
The network is already reporting that a similar model to the Mate 9 PD but more popular, without the help of the design company, will reach the market in the next two months - perhaps under the name Mate S2

With all due respect to the terrifying specifications, the price of the X-Mate Mate in the PD model sounds insane to the average consumer, who is also willing to spend close to 9 (or EUR) to get the best and most advanced thing on the market, It is not intended for standard consumers and is part of Huawei's ambitious master plan. This is an attempt to break into the ultra-premium market of the smartphones market, with cooperation with Porsche Design coming years after it was designed Together with the company . The marketing will probably be carried out mainly at Porsche Design's sales offices and stores throughout the globe to affluent customers who will certainly become aware of this, perhaps for the first time in their lives, , On the way to further strengthening it in the western world.

So would you be willing to consider investing about NIS 6,000 in one of the most upscale and advanced Android devices you can imagine? Or would you settle for half the amount for a slightly more sane Mate 9? Let us share your comments!


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    1. Can you elaborate why you think it is not even worth 10 euros? Sounds amazing phone to me in every way ... what makes you think it's so bad?

  1. No.

    More extensively, I wouldn't pay for an 1300 Euro phone, nor for an 7 iPhone with maximum storage capacity. This mobile device is an expense, not an investment. You made 1300 Euro today and tomorrow you sold 600.

    1. It is clear that a mobile device is an expense rather than an investment (unless you are missing out on it…) and the decline in value is not a consideration for those who buy it to enjoy it, each person according to their pocket and their perception of the product.

  2. All answers come from the phrase: EASY COME EASY COME
    Anyone who earns the amount a day will only buy the phone because he wants it.
    And the next day he'll buy something else.
    Anyone who works hard for the money will think well before spending it on a Chinese company device that has not yet proven itself, in a reality where even global / Western companies are breaking down on a regular basis.

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