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Black Friday 2014 - All the deals you need to know

Confused by the countless operations that are attacking you as part of the end-of-year sales and shopping celebration? We're here to try and make some order for you

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Black Friday operations at Kravitz stores - 20 Percent off SanDisk products, a variety of storage products, computers , And VAT-free smartphones and more.

Black Friday Specials in Bug Chain Stores - 80 Percentage discount on the second product in peripherals, peripherals for smartphones and headphones, discounts on audio products, computers, games, And more.

Black Friday Specials at Ivory chain stores - Special prices for certain selected products, 30 Percent Discount on Gaming, 25 Percent Discount on Gaming Mice and more.

Black Friday operations on the KSP network - Discounted prices on a variety of computers , And smartphones, 60 percent discount on the second product in peripherals, between 20 and 40 percentage discount on products in several different categories and more.

Black Friday Promotions at the Set Platform Store (UPDATED) - Special prices for up to 90 up to about 5,600 different titles, promotions Which change daily and more.

Black Friday Promotions at Blizzard Online Store - Popular distributor titles at half and a quarter of the original price.

Black Friday operations at the Origin platform store - Over 250 various EA titles and other distributors at discounts of up to 75 percent.

Black Friday operations at the Uplay platform store - Buy a title and get another (older) free, plus additional discounts of up to 75 percent.

Black Friday Promotions at Green Man Gaming (Updated) - Up to 80 discounts on a host of titles, an option for additional discounts with codes that are frequently published on the network.

More Deals

Walla Shop! (External link) - VAT-free promotion on thousands of laptops, tablets, , a means , Agree and more - in the purchase status.

StartPC (external link) - Discounts (more significant and less) on several hardware products from different categories.

Buy2USA (external link) - Discount of 15 dollars in shipping fee when you purchase over 20 dollars by account , Or discount of 10 dollars in shipping fees when you purchase an amount of over $ 20 by credit card.

office Depot - Performs 1 + 1 on original ink cartridges And peripherals for computers and smart devices, No VAT on company products , Printers, office furniture, telephones and more.

It's a little hard to believe, but all the deals you bring here are just the tip of the iceberg - for all the most affordable deals, in Israel and around the world, on Black Friday and every other day of the year you are welcome to visit In our consumer forum!

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