HTC One M9 on its way to the shops - and priced "traditional"

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HTC's new flagship device, The HTC One M9, Whose very existence was swallowed up by the storm and the discourse they created The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge Launched just a few hours later - will land on the shelves of 16 stores in March, at least in its domestic Taiwanese market.

The elegant aluminum smartphone, which chose to maintain the overall design of its predecessor and the screen size and "sane" resolution, Will be offered in Taiwan At prices that would ostensibly be very similar to the prices of the One M8 and the "traditional" prices of the Android-based flagship devices - about 690 for the 32GB version and $ 750 for the 64GB version.

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Based on past experience and one site ahead of time, it can be assumed that the M9 prices in the US will be about $ 650 for the affordable version and $ 750 (or even $ 700) for the double-volume version Which will probably be cheaper by 50 than their counterparts In Samsung's Galaxy S6, And are significantly cheaper than those of The Galaxy S6 Edge וThe iPhone 6 Plus.

Measured improvements while maintaining a similar shell and price will result in The tremendous success it has lacked in recent years?

Would you be willing to consider purchasing a The M9 At the competitive prices mentioned above, you will prefer the offers from Samsung and Apple, or perhaps Choose to wait for competitors such as LG and Sony who have not yet unveiled their top devices for the current year? Tell us in comments.