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Huawei Mate 20 Pro demonstrates the rapid loading of the new generation

The fresh flagship device with the charger that supplies up to 40 watts can prove to be no gimmick - with 75 charging percent for its insignificant battery capacity in just half an hour

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Many reviews for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro have come online, and alongside praise for the Kirin 980 performance that challenges the Snapdragon 845 in all categories, quality and photography capabilities as well as the design that combines ergonomic comfort with luxury feel - we also received information about my life Not bad at all thanks to the capacity of 4,200MAH, especially faster charging than any other flagship product in the environment.

Expectations from the Mate 20 Pro in the field have been great from the very first moment we heard about offering Super Charge at an impressive maximum capacity of up to 40 watts, and the actual exams with the dedicated charger and cable included in the case make it reason to be excited - according to GSMArena, the smartphone succeeds in charging XNX From full capacity in just half an hour of socket connection, and also 74 percent capacity in 90 minutes en route to fully charged in about 1 hour.

Declared to charge 70 percent of the 4,200mAh capacity of the Mate 20 Pro battery in about half an hour - and fully meet this promise

Full hour load time We have seen several leading models in the field (such as OnePlus 6 for example), although based on At a significantly lower capacity, but what is even more impressive is the way there - a 15-minute or 20-minute connection to a certain outlet during the day may give the device enough "juice" for a full working day, thus significantly reducing the chance of that stressful situation where the smartphone is in a few moments Before the end of his life (temporarily), and any further action may suddenly be cut in the middle of a black screen that announces that the battery capacity has been fully utilized.

Super Charge requires both custom charger and internal hardware fit within the smart device - but once we have proven that this is feasible and applicable, we hope that more manufacturers will choose to provide us with similar and competitive charging performance as early as next year

Mate 20 Pro load times are still not the fastest we have seen in the entire market (The Oppo Find X in the exclusive Lamborghini version continues to be the champion), But these are the best charging times for a model that is expected to be widely available and widely available with a relatively sane price tag - we really hope this technology will become the standard in all high-end models Already next year.

Not everything is perfect in the kingdom of In spite of all the praise - it turns out that it is also not immune to quality control issues with regard to OLED technology panels

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that not everything is perfect when launching the Mate 20 Pro due to reports of performance problems and uneven display quality on the X- They are used in models - claims that have not yet been officially addressed by the company and cast some shadow on its conduct, even if in practice the percentage of units being repaired is minimal. Let's hope this is something to be addressed as soon as possible.

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