Plan V: Never get stuck without a battery on a smartphone

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Unlike other concepts we have seen in the field, Flintu displays a cable that will allow you to charge your smartphone with a standard 9 Volt battery so you do not stay idle at the most important times

Plan V - the ignition cable for the smartphone

If you ever get stuck without charging on your smartphone, you're really not alone. Solutions such as backup batteries and quick charging try to solve one of the most difficult problems that users encounter when using an advanced cellular device, but without an immediate and convenient solution, the problem only grows. Flintu company, with the help of The project "Plan V", Thinks she came up with the perfect solution.

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From the idea that Without recharging should be similar to a car without tension, the project's founders will create a portable start-up cable that allows the user to connect it to the smartphone and recharge it using a standard 9 Volt battery. The idea behind the project is that other solutions to the issue of charging are not convenient and portable enough to provide a quick and quality response, with a mobile start-up cable that connects to each key chain and the tremendous availability of Standard at all convenience stores on the go, you will not have to think too much next time your device is not fully charged.


The idea for the project was when the two founders of the project, Evan Stuart and Luke Travitt, were in a remote area of ​​Bogota, Colombia. Having lost their direction and the location of the hostel where they were huddled, Stuart and Travitt had to survive without any communication or navigation and find their way back. When the two friends were able to find their way to the hostel and the power outlet, they decided to create a convenient and easy-to-use charging device to enable constant communication to any device emptied.

The goal of the company to finance the project is 30,000 dollars, and with over 47,000 dollars already contributed to the goal by users, there is no doubt that there is an idea worth looking at. According to the company, each 9V battery can add as extra 4 hours of smartphone use, a feature that depends, of course, on the type and operation of the device (whether it's navigation, call or standby). With the minimum option to donate 15 dollars to get a single V plan, you will get the starting cable that you have always wanted as early as February of next year.