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Hit under Huawei's belt

The British processing core ARM is also announcing a freeze on relations with the Chinese manufacturer - while in the background there are estimates of a future deal that will save the situation

End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move from Google - which could derail the business of its smartphones

First impressions: The Elder Scrolls series reaches the smartphones

The legendary role-playing series lands on Android and iOS devices - but does it really feel like Skyrim and Oblivion or more like cheap imitation?

SSD Drive at Unbeatable Price and More Surprises, Now in Amazon (Updated)

The impressive deals at Amazon are back for another spin - with a Sandisk-sized terabyte drive that can be yours for less than NISNUMX

You have to see to believe: XumiX's technology will charge batteries in 17 for minutes

The Chinese company ignites the imagination with the loading of a futuristic FT 100 that can fill 4,000mAh capacity at high speed 3 from everything we have met to date

Upgrade without warning: New iPad models are being exposed

The tablet market is shrinking? Apple is not alarmed - and launches improved versions for the iPad Air and iPad Mini

Go for the jackpot: Huawei will unveil a collapsible 5G smartphone

Posters hung in the final preparations for the MWC conference in Barcelona reveal the mysterious Mate X - folding backwards to the Samsung Galaxy Fold

All the details about Samsung's innovative smartphones

The first smart folding device is the one that leads the attack for the Korean manufacturer for the current year

Samsung Aspire: A tablet with four speakers and an AMOLED screen

A few days before the new smartphones - we get the Korean manufacturer an official announcement of tablets for 2019

Today at Amazon: Storage products at great prices

USB drives and high-capacity expansion cards from PNY are being offered for significant price cuts - only until tomorrow morning

Leading choice for smartphones in the mid-market (updated)

More and more future models will be based on Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 675 - which looks very promising in new performance tests

Ultra-fast memory cards at a great price, now in Amazon

The SanDisk Extreme Series goes down to its lowest price level

Save to Windows computers: Get to know the most powerful Snapdragon chip

Along with the 855, we also got a glimpse of the Snapdragon 8cx, which makes it clear that the desire to make 10 windows run optimally based on the ARM architecture is still alive and kicking

Snapdragon 855: All future technologies in one place

The Snapdragon 855 is already here, with a set of advanced technologies that make it one of the most ambitious products in the history of Qualcomm

Fifth generation premiere: Qualcomm's flagship chip will be unveiled today

Prepare for the arrival of the Snapdragon 8150 in question - which will actually get the model name Snapdragon 855

New from ADATA: microSD cards in gaming branding

The Taiwanese manufacturer joins the club of companies that offer small storage cards in extremely large volumes

Dessert: 256GB ultra-fast XNUMXGB microSD card at a price without VAT

The cyber-mani campaigns are slowly dying out - but now there is an opportunity to purchase advanced expansion cards from the SanDisk Extreme Series at unprecedented prices

Growth Challenge: Apple stops displaying sales numbers for its products

The report for the third quarter of 2018, which had a huge net profit but without an increase in the relative sales volume, will be the last in which we receive numerical data on the number of smartphones and computers that the giant company managed to sell

New from Samsung and Lexar: Half a terabyte of information at the tip of your nail

Ultra-large microSD cards are becoming more common and accessible with formal launches from two of the biggest names in the field

Google in the way of Microsoft

Google has its own new high-end tablet running a Chrome OS based on Intel chips - and will require you to pay separately for keyboard coverage and a compatible touch pen

Return of the leading Android tablet

Samsung is entering the final preparations for the launch of the Galaxy Tab S4

Xiaomi's paid tablets come back

The famous maker decides to return to the field of the largest Android devices after a break of more than a year - with a very interesting model

The volume-limiting microSD card receives a price tag

PNY hopes to become the first company in the market to offer half a terabyte of storage in an expansion card smaller than the size of a fingernail - but it will cost you a lot of money, as is customary

New era of Chrome OS

Google's secondary operating system is expanding into the world of tablets, with the first interesting devices from HP and Acer

First performance test for the Helio P70 chip: in the league of flagship devices?

A result of above 150,000 points observed in the Antutu performance test database suggests a massive improvement awaiting us in the middle market