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TCL M3G: a competitive Chinese smartphone from a good home

The Chinese TCL has an established smartphone Octagonal cores of , Which competes with Mi 4i and costs much less

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Still reluctant to buy Chinese smartphone, Despite the prices The students? The 3S M3G May be the solution for you. This smartphone comes from TCL, a veteran Chinese manufacturer that has already proven itself in the market, and also controls The Alcatel brand International that sells A bit more Of all the brands that come to us from the giant state. In short - there seems to be someone to trust behind this strange model name, who is a direct competitor To Xiaomi Mi 4i.

On TCL 3S M3G, you'll find an 5-inch IPS screen and a Sharp 1,080 × 1,920 pixel resolution, Snapdragon 615 Octagonal Cores Four-core Cortex A53 at an 1.5GHz frequency, another four-core 1GHz and an Adreno 405 graphics core, memory Volume 2GB, volume Internal 16GB and slot Expandable, with support for up to 32GB cards.


Additional features of the 3S M3G are Sony's 13 megapixel camera, a secondary 8 megapixel camera, support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity (and thanks to the Qualcomm intercom chip), a pair of SIM card slots, a system Lolipop 5.0, built-in 3,050mAh battery - and even a pretty unique bonus in the form of an eye retina scanner, designed to be used as a means Another is even more successful than fingerprint scanners.


The smartphone is available in black or white colors, with a thickness of about 8.9 millimeters and a weight that stands at 130 grams.


The TCL 3S M3G is now available Online Gearbest Store At a cost of 140 USD, which is a discount of 17 of its original price, and together with a shipment to Israel at an additional cost of 3.3 USD is cheaper than 80 USD from the Mi 4i It is של , Which offers very similar specifications. So if you want to experiment with a smart device coming from China - you have a great option here to annex that will leave you with a taste for more.

Available here


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  1. Please, I beg. Stop posting these cell phones day after day. And every time the same thing, those shitty cell phones that have nothing special about them. The individual cell phones that really have a high cost-benefit ratio like the meizu m1 note or the one plus one.

    Every day here is another goddamn Chinese device that is of no interest to anyone and is in no way impressive and certainly not giving good value.

    So either you stop it or you finally find a device that is really worth a check, do a comprehensive review after a few weeks of daily use and come back here with coverage.

    Thank you!

  2. I was waiting to add - any device, no matter what kind of manufacturer, even if it costs a poor 1 dollar is a shit device if it has 1 gigabytes and a multi-core processor at a frequency of 1.2 ghz. It's just not enough and you've done about a thousand articles for all kinds of style devices, like Samsung's useless devices for the mid-market that cost a fortune and basically give nothing at all in lightweight packaging with lightweight software.

  3. "Good house" is a term reserved for shopping channel moderators trying to sell you a raft claiming it is something else.

  4. Unfortunately, they will not stop because they have found a new way to make money (you get a percentage when you buy through this link).
    Really it is getting tedious, lately there are more commercials like this than real news.

  5. Please, I beg. Stop posting these cell phones day after day. !

    However I am very opposed to and disgusted with your writing, with some of the content I tend to agree with.

    Without links to serious reviews + a professional summary of the PROS / CONS, the competition is hard to see in these news stories real value on a site like HWZONE.
    This is especially true of Chinese models that are very difficult to get reliable information on and recommendation on such a site is weighty (should be).
    It's a favorite for KSP's Facebook or YNET headline…

    Every time he comes in to read, I find myself wondering what the purpose of publishing the news was and what its usefulness was.

    I do not know about Kenya through the link, but if it is referral I expect the site staff to act transparently on the subject and ensure proper disclosure.

  6. Hello friends,
    The purpose of the articles is to introduce consumers to new (very cheap) phones that are a very good (and sometimes almost identical) replacement for smartphones for thousands of shekels. You can see that the link is without an affiliate program.
    Advertising articles are always labeled as "advertising articles" at the top and bottom of the article. We practice transparency with our readers.

    Thanks, and keep surfing :)

  7. RIGHT] [COLOR = # 333333] [I] very good (and sometimes almost identical) replacement [/ I] "but need to back up that statement with data / reviews - and I say that as

    However, we do know that smartphones are not measured by their SPEC, and on a site as serious as ours, it's not enough to say "


    A very good (and sometimes almost identical) substitute "but need to back up this statement with data / reviews - and I say that as a staunch supporter of Chinese and 2 device owners.

  8. ^
    In addition to what you mentioned, data on the number of sales of a particular device in China is a measure of nothing. The proportions there are completely different. Saying things like "have been able to prove themselves in the market" and "there seems to be someone to trust behind this weird model name" without explaining what these things are based sounds like a commercial.

  9. Although I strongly object and dislike your writing, with some content I tend to agree.

    You will have to forgive me for the blatant inscription that I firmly agree that it is out of place and overstated, but everyone and the readers of the article understand very well where it comes from.
    I have been a member of the forum and site for years because for me hwzone is the home for technology review and discussion and it really but really annoys me that for almost a week now I see these seemingly pointless and unprofessional articles on an almost daily basis.

  10. ^ What he said.

    If TCL is such a trustworthy brand how it is even a review or even from a serious western site, this company does not even appear on the gsmarena brand list, and they are really not ashamed of big, small Chinese companies.

    I'd rather buy an inexpensive device from a really good home like the M4 Aqua for example than play Chinese iron replacements every few months.

    Really tired of what these dummy texts are

  11. There is nothing wrong with reviewing other reseller products, I also want it to exist because the market is bigger than Apple and Samsung and there are lots of great Chinese brands. I just think it is wrong to publish so many different devices with identical specifications on paper but without a relevant review of any of them. This is a great site, why isn't there a review of one of the new elephone or huawei devices? there is

  12. Ronan, it's not so clear to me why the link first directs me to sharesale if it's not a sharing program.
    Anyway, there is nothing legitimate about it if that is the direction the site decided to go, but you can do it a little more seriously - write reviews, offer recommended accessories ... There is an Israeli site that is already engaged in the Chinese market and it greatly contributed to me when I bought a device recently.

    As levelone said, no smartphone (and especially Chinese) should only buy according to dry technical specifications. This is a great recipe for disappointment.

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