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Blizzard unveils new game - Overwatch

As part of the Blizzcon 2014 conference, one of the world's most successful and popular gaming companies unveiled a new project - a multiplayer team action game called Overwatch.

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The company did not waste time demonstrating the new game in action, and it seems that Team Fortress 2 of another popular and successful company called Wallab is the best source for comparison with Overwatch, because of its picturesque appearance and unconventional style. Brink, who came from the Splash Damage developer, can also be likened.

Beta for the game will be available during the next year, although in the meantime it is not clear when the full version appears in stores. We will continue to follow and update you.



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  1. נראה כמו שילוב של SNC עם TF2. אני לא אתפלא אם יש עליית רמות במשחק הזה

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