The Power Awoke: Star Wars: The new Battlefront is revealed, and will arrive in November

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The return of Jedi and the Empire Strikes Back to Life in Starbucks' Battle of the Battlefield, which is scheduled for November

Creators Battlefield In Dice, they released a first major Star Wars game: Star Wars: Battlefront, which looks great, especially given that it's featured in the game engine, The Frostbite 3 engine Which is based on the latest Battlefield games and quite a few EA games in general. The trailer presents battles that seem to have been taken directly from the Jedi's feedback, the Empire strikes again, and in the clear sky above the Tetouan deserts - a battle that will turn out to be related to upcoming Episode 7 events.

The creative director of the game, Niklas Figarous, responded to Twitter questions that the video was indeed staged and filmed entirely within the game engine, using characters and models from the game rather than graphic resources created specifically for the marketing event. However, the levels of graphic detail that the engine has tuned to when capturing the trailer are not likely to be realistic options for real-time gameplay, certainly not on the consoles nor on a powerful gaming machine at a reasonable price, and it is not at all safe to be open even to computer users when the game is launched at the end of the year; In spite of the above, we are approaching the point where we can enjoy such graphics as a matter of routine.

Star Wars: Battlefront is the latest in a series of multi-player action games created over the past decade by the Pandemic Studio and one of the number of Star Wars games developed by EA in its dealings with Disney brand owners. Dice has been chosen to translate his expertise in multi-role action theaters to the Star Wars universe: Dice has never visited the world of such advanced technology, but they have experience in science fiction action through the futuristic chapter of their flagship series, 2142

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Next to the trailer we learned that the game will be launched on PC, PS4 and On 17 in November, a month before reaching the screens of Ep 4: The Force Awakens. Ten days before the movie launch, on December 8, we will launch a free game called Battle of Jakku, with two maps that will allow us to participate in the battle to discard the terrain of the planet Tetuin, as seen in the film's predecessors. Most of the content of Star Wars: Battlefront will not exceed the time of the original film trilogy, between "New Hope" and "The Return of the Jedi," except for the expansion of this bonus, which will become a bridge to the world of the new series and takes place a year after Andor's battle Emperor Sith.

Star Wars Battlefront 2015

Here are other things we know about the game after its exposure event:

  • In addition to the soldiers and pilots of the revolt and the empire, which will be available in masculine and feminine versions, human and extraterrestrial, actors will be able to embody unique characters. In the meantime, only two villains with charisma, Darth Weider and head hunter Booba Pat were exposed from this group of "heroes." The unique characters will be able to play in the highlights of the battle.
  • Not included in the content: Battles And the contents of the second trilogy.
  • Also included in the material are: personal hover jets, defensive power fields as shown in the trailer, control of the AT-ST and AT-AT aircrafts of the Empire, the flying of the X-Wing and Tie Fighter spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon, , Hovercraft driving, and snowspeed hockey.
  • In order to restore the appearance of the original films with maximum accuracy, the Dice team photographed and scanned many of their accessories, sets and photographic environments.
  • The basic game will include battle maps over four stars - Andor, Huth, Tetuin and Solost, not seen in the movies but is the military industrial star of the Empire, where it produces many of its corrupting tools.
  • The major game modes of Battlefront will not support 64 players, such as Battlefield's Conquest mode; Dice decided to place the minimum number of players in the lower limit, on 40.
  • The focus of the game is multiplayer and will not support a single-player campaign at all. What it does have are individual tasks that can be dealt with online or in a collaborative game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2015