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All about E3 EXTERNUM 2015: Part Two

Microsoft or Sony, Or virtual reality? We do not know who will win, but as of now the two options look just great

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אנחנו We continue to summarize The world's largest gaming exhibition, this time emphasizing the exclusive technologies developed by the two leading home console marketers, as well as the "bonuses" designed to attract gamers en masse.

HoloLens It's Minkraft in your living room

Reality technology is plentiful של Extracted many strong impressions in the current show, mainly thanks to a demo of the indie hit that is currently owned by the company in holographic fashion. Something some impressions have defined as "giving a whole new feel to a very familiar experience."

It is still unclear when HoloLens Will be available for purchase and how exactly it will fit into the content world of , But it appears that technology is actually the "Kinect of the new generation" and is designed to become the company's great joker in the battle against - This is while Kinket himself is probably nearing the end of his life, with very little screen time or mentions during the entire exhibition.

is also 5 was awarded a creative bonus based on the HoloLens

revolution? Maybe. Cool? For sure

Project Morpheus: Just another one or one?

is also Project Imaginary Reality Glasses Not bad at all, with more mature demos and announcements of a number of titles that will officially support them when they are launched.

However, while HoloLens Competing mainly At Morpheus himself, Sony will be forced to compete with a plethora of new virtual reality goggles that are either on the market or on the market, based on a variety of platforms that are more popular and cheaper than the PlayStation 4. Oculus Rift glasses Look like a very significant competitor, for example, with a better level of maturity and a slightly earlier launch target.

Project Morpheus is designed to reach the stores during the first half of the year and raise "several hundred dollars" - roughly the same as the Oculus Rift
Project Morpheus is set to reach stores during the first half of 2016 and cost "a few hundred dollars" - About Like the Rift

The right move for the Japanese manufacturer will probably not be to try to defeat the competition, but to strive to create a platform Some unity that will spur developers to create games that fit a variety of products and open the hatch to a much more meaningful and diverse audience, with Sony itself always having the ability to arrange exclusive titles, just as is now the case in "standard" games.

Sonny talks about the 30 titles that are being developed for the Morpheus these days, but at the moment it seems that most of them Will not be similar The AAA games we're used to seeing

Xbox One is now also an emulator for 360, and the independent Early Access platform

One central announcement from Microsoft surprised everyone and hit the web - the Will receive an emulator 360 has been programmed, and in fact will offer full backward support in the titles of the previous generation. The list of currently supported games is not particularly extensive, but naturally Microsoft is promising that more games will be added later.

The list of supported backgammon games is very limited as of now, Ensure that more large titles are around the corner, and all depends on the principle approval of the distributors

All you need to do is insert a CD of a title into the latest console 360 (or move it to the account if it's a virtual copy), and downloading it to start automatically will allow it to run. This is a very nice chip for all those who invested their money in building a library of games in the previous generation, which came as a counterweight to Sony's direct injection project, Now

If that were not enough, Microsoft also announced an early access program for their own Xbox Game Preview, Famous of Steam, With a little more "quality assurance" and assistance from Microsoft for the participating titles. The program will initially include five games, four already available for PCs and another new, mysterious and exclusive called ION that comes to us from Madin Hall, the previous brain that created the DayZ game mod.

The exclusive parade of games

Another reason why many decided that Is the one of the top three manufacturers of consoles in the market was a list of exclusive titles most of which do not innovate too much, but go "safe" and take full advantage of the potential of the brands that it built Over the years.

Forza 6, which will be launched at the end of the year, 5 continued its gradual exposure with more details about the single-player feature situation and its updated online modes and Gears of War 4 was announced as a new chapter in the game world of the series, which could develop into another line alongside the original trilogy.

Not only that, nostalgia fans have been awarded a package that includes no less than 30 classic titles of the developer of the house Rare for the price of Kurtz of 30 dollars, and even Rise of the Tomb Raider (which is exclusive for a temporary period though, but leveraged just like a 'home game' 'By Microsoft in the hands of its representatives) seems like something that can make people regenerate on the console New and shiny.

On the other hand, Sonny also provided exclusive titles of her own. At the top of the list was of course Shenmue 3, Which is intended to reach the personal computers but was engraved in the collective memory as a Sony initiative, alongside which we also saw an entirely new title from the creators of the Killzone series, Firewatch, The fourth installment in the Uncharted series that offered an exciting visual appearance and even the mysterious Last Guardian that we heard for the first time six years ago, when this time Sony also promised that the game was not canceled, did not get stuck and reach stores sometime.

A second significant nostalgic announcement by the Japanese company was about Remix for Final Fantasy VII, which is still considered by many to be the best in the entire series. The remake will be built from scratch, and may even choose and change all kinds of narrative aspects to ensure the interest of the various pious fans.

Both Sony and Microsoft have interesting headlines in the cartridge, but while Sony has targeted the nostalgia of older audiences, Microsoft has given everything they have and probably succeeded in winking to a more diverse audience - so it's not hard to understand why it is widely believed that Redmond is the "winner" of For 2015 of the two.

Agree, strongly oppose, or are interested in what is happening in the PC sector? Tell us in the comments, and wait for us in the third part of the exhibition summary with a huge amount of promising titles.


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