The gameplay of Dark Souls 3 is exposed, and it is more challenging than ever. • HWzone

The gameplay of Dark Souls 3 is exposed, and it is more challenging than ever

Two months after the official announcement, with almost no further information, we are now getting the first play-off video for Dark Souls 3, the series that has transformed Japanese Software from an almost anonymous name to one of the world's most widely regarded gaming keys.

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In the best tradition of this unforgiving role-playing series, the new trailer is full of mysterious mythology, monsters and enemies in a unique and excellent design, and most importantly, in short flashes of gameplay itself, which shows that this time we expect a much faster experience. The enemies are no longer cupboards whose every movement takes a few seconds, but aggressive, quick and relatively unpredictable - and accordingly the hero of course feels much more agile than we used to see in the past.

It is too early to jump to absolute conclusions, but it seems that in the third episode of the series players expect a different kind of challenge, which will force them to adapt their game style accordingly, to develop dexterity that was not really required before. Will be interesting.

Bonus - Another impressive 16 video game from 2015 Gamescom. The picture quality is not impressive because it is a direct camera screen shot, but play is the essence of the matter here, naturally

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