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2016 's Greatest Games

What to expect: Meet the biggest and most interesting games to come to us in the coming year

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2016 has come, and it's time to get excited and excited about it - especially if you have affection and sympathy for gaming and gaming. 2015 has been a quality year for the players, and we are here to remind you that 2016 also has a very respectable potential. Here are the biggest and most talked-about titles for the coming year, true to what is currently known.

Before we start the list, we will announce that HWzone is a site that focuses primarily on personal gaming, so the titles that come immediately are exclusive PC games or multi-platform titles that will reach the PC, not games that are exclusive to one console or another. In addition, this list does not include titles specifically targeted to the platform , And constitute a slightly different "animal" and are probably entitled to a list of their own. have a fun read!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

After the excellent Human Revolution that managed to restore prestige to Deus Ex (though not developed by the team that created the groundbreaking source), Mankind Divide promises to take the basic concept and make it larger, more sophisticated and more open and free. So despite some delays, this title is very high on the list of games we are eager to try, ahead of the launch scheduled for August.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Even in the case of this intriguing title from within Rejections are a significant part of the business that has been with us for almost two years, but in March the wait is finally supposed to end - and then we will find out whether this post-apocalyptic version of New York was worth the piles it had won. We hold our fingers.


After the wonderful work done by Bethesda together with Wolfenstein's MachineGames studio: The New Order and its "classic" expansion package, one can not help but expect with considerable curiosity what they are planning for the second, most popular brand of id software. From the little we have seen so far, it certainly looks and feels like Doom - but the question is whether there will be anything else but a great pile of nostalgia here.

No Man's Sky

One of the only games on this list that can be called Indie (though with Sony behind you is a little different), and yet the most ambitious game on the list, too. The title of adventures - the Bengalactic action that promises countless planets that you can discover and explore looks better with each new video we receive, and we are hopeful that the final version will really make us feel like researchers Pioneers.

Need for Speed

This title has been launched for consoles last year, actually (and with rather disappointing grades), but we decided to include it on this list anyway, because we are very interested in knowing what the game will look like on personal computers, after receiving another six months of preparation and polishing. Will we discover that this is really what was required here to create a quality game that reaches its potential?

Far Cry Primal

The solid foundation of the series Gameplay, this time with many more dangerous and useful animals than ever before, and much more wild world to explore and find out - what exactly has not to like here? Primal feels just like the refreshing change that this brand needed, and if there will be commercial success here, it is possible to expect many more unusual ideas to come in the near future.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

This game is probably the dictionary definition for 'more of the same', but considering that the same thing in this case was one of the most refreshing experiences EA has provided us over the last decade, it's not really a bad thing. If the sequel to 2009's great Parkour action game will be able to provide a longer game mode with a little more freedom and an online mode that works without breaking the basic mechanics, Catalyst should be a boon for both existing and new audiences.

Dishonored 2

We still do not know much about Dishonored 2, but its predecessor was a very stylish and surprising AAA game - so we could not exclude it from our list. With the promise of at least two different characters (probably three) with whom you can play from very different perspectives and methods, and with the ability to finish the whole game without killing anyone who always creates interest in the various stealth games enthusiasts, Qualitatively able to compete for the title of 'Game of the Year' in almost all categories.


After the not-so-successful Absolution it was decided that it was time to start the story of the bald assassin again, and return to the roots - with great game stages and maximum freedom of action for the player. At the moment, it seems that it really works for them, but we will need to experiment with the game in a practical way to find out whether the really good intentions and intentions are connecting together for a good stealth game, for a new generation of And actors.


We admit that first-hand action, based on a brand new brand for the first time in this millennium, is what we least expected to get in Blizzard as the next big thing, but Overwatch is here, and it looks like a combination of Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament, . With the pious and wide fan audience of the developer, and its mystical ability to turn everything that touches it into a huge hit, we have no doubt that we will hear a lot about Overwatch in the coming year and years.

The question marks

For dessert, some titles are definitely interesting to us, but in the meantime with one asterisk or another.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This game has not yet officially been announced on any platform, and even if and when it happens we have no idea whether it will come to personal computers or not - but there are several sources on the net that declare that the continuation of the great open world game in the old west of the United States will indeed be Rockstar's big surprise for 2016 , Before we move on to the next installment in the series . We certainly hope that this will happen, because The original Dead Redemption was excellent, with a significantly different atmosphere and approach from the developer's major crime series.

But in truth we will not object to the update for the original Red Dead Redemption, for the new generation consoles and especially for personal computers
But we will not actually object to the update for the original Red Dead Redemption New generation and especially for personal computers

cyberpunk 2077

After the Witcher 3: phenomenal Wild Hunt, there is no doubt that we (and probably any other gamer in an environment that has no hatred for role-playing games) are looking forward to the coming game from the CD Project Red, which will replace the world of fantasy in a futuristic world And an 'adult' no less. The only reason that Cyberpunk 2077 is in this part of the article is that we simply have no indication that it will actually be launched during 2016. Many people hope and believe this will happen, but given the success of the Wild Hunt, the Polish developer can probably afford to take the time and launch the title at the time when it is ready and polished to the best.

Escape from Tarkov

A new RPG game that has recently come out of nowhere and looks just great, especially considering that this is the first game and also the first time in general that we hear about the Russian Battlestate Games studio behind it. The general idea and the early game videos released so far have made a very positive impression on almost everyone who has watched them, but without any other significant information and for a studio with no history or reputation - we can not be sure that there is something of quality here until we have tried it with our own hands.

Mass Effect Andromeda

It's been a long time since Mass Effect 3 and we've definitely begun to develop a yearning for a series that has become one of Bioware's strongest and most popular brands, but we feel we have not yet seen or heard enough about Andromeda to decide whether it's a quality evolution for a new decade, Or just another round in a world where we've seen and done almost everything.

Half-Life 3

Perhaps on the occasion of the launch of the Vive glasses and the SteamOS platform we will get the game we all dream of, similar to how Half-Life 2 was the opening shot for the " More than ten years ago? It probably will not hurt to dream and hope.

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