The strangest and original game you've seen this year: Undertale in HWzone Review
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The strangest and original game you've seen this year: Undertale in Critique

Meet the unforgettable game that proves once and for all that a first impression may be very misleading

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These days it's pretty hard to find games that keep you open-mouthed, and that's exactly the Undertale, an indie game created by only one person - Toby Fox, which if I had to describe it in just two words, they were "unexpected."

Although in the beginning of the game you may get the impression that this is another role-playing game, such as a casual story, random battles and rising levels, within five minutes you will find it useless to try to stick labels on it. It is simply a game in itself that does unusual things and therefore manages to surprise and save A whole length of matter, and even after you finish it.

But let's start from the beginning. You play a child who fell into the world of monsters under the ground, where they were imprisoned after losing the war against humans. As a child you will have to travel the underworld to find your way out, while you will have different puzzles to solve, and of course monsters, which turns out that some have other programs for you that do not necessarily include your return home in one piece.

Screenshots will never be able to illustrate the cool and funny concept of this game

The monsters are among the most colorful, varied and funny characters you will ever meet. It's probably the only game where I really went to talk to every character I met, just to see what funny thing they have to say, so no doubt the humor of this game is worth the experience, though it has a lot more to offer.

The continuation of the game becomes much more exciting and even chilling and disturbing, but its basis is undoubtedly his humorous writing.

And when the monsters are so cool and funny, it's a shame to kill them right? Right. Then you will know that the game allows you to spare their lives.

and a

All this is possible through one of the unique battle systems I encountered in role-playing games. When the monster attacks you, your character is represented by a red heart, and you must avoid its attacks, which are usually represented in white. Each has different attack patterns that can even be combined if you fight against more than one enemy. Some of the battles, especially the bosses' battles, are even more varied. In order to attack you will need to simply press the attack key at the right time. But you do not have to attack. Instead, there is another menu that lets you communicate with the monster in front of you. If you reach her heart and she chooses not to fight you anymore, you can spare her life and stop the battle.

Of course, if you avoid killing and do not raise levels, the game will become more challenging, because then you will have few points of life and weak defense in case you get hurt, and the battle of the bosses will require a lot more attention.


So what is more worth, kill or not kill? You'll have to find out for yourself. Of course the plot and the world of the game and its end will be affected by your actions. But the plot is so interesting and unconventional that there is no doubt that you will not be satisfied with just one game, and once it is over you will play it again and again, just to find out how it will behave in this round. In addition, each end will shed additional light on the plot and you will discover new details that you have not discovered before.

Another point of praise The game is its wonderful soundtrack that accompanies it, which is so catchy and suitable for any situation in the game, that it will get stuck in your head for a few weeks.


In fact, I have only one problem with Undertale. I can not tell you how great it really is, surprising, and shakes you from one emotion to another so as not to destroy you. Every detail that makes this game so special is a spoiler that can ruin your experience, so it is recommended to come with as little knowledge as possible to let the game surprise you.

So in conclusion, Undertale is just another gaming experience. He breaks rules, exploits game mechanics and changes them completely so he always leaves you surprised again. It is different, it is funny and at the same time exciting and disturbing and in short, it is completely One of the best games of 2015.

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