The new chapter of Need for Speed ​​continues to impress us

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With a video that shows a little more up-to-date gameplay and new photos that show remarkable attention to detail, the 2015 version of EA's old racing series looks better than ever

At the upcoming November 3, if there is no unexpected delay, the new title stores will land in a series - which is actually a reboot, after two years of quiet. It is still too early to make statements, but as of now we see many reasons for optimism.

A new video released on the official YouTube channel sheds a bit more light on the gameplay we expect - and it feels like a welcome mix between the Underground and Most Wanted games where the emphasis was on the world of illegal street races and the respect and reputation that runs there With the addition of the excellent system presented in Rivals, in which any further successful action you make can double the points of goodwill you will receive, or empty your accumulated cash if you fail.

We try not to let graphics become a major feature of the game, but it is hard to deny that the great look the Frostbite 3 engine gives to the " The new is a very big bonus to his credit

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In addition, the Swedish developer Ghost Games (mostly composed of studio staff Criterion, formerly responsible for the creation of the magnificent Bunrout series) revealed new information and images about the personalization capabilities expected in the new title - which will be particularly extensive, similar to what is remembered as the most positive feature of Underground 2.

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Have you missed the ability to choose the sound system in your enhanced race car? She returns, and with her many others

Are you looking forward to Or after the disappointments of previous years, would you prefer to wait for the reviews and the actual opinion before you decide whether the new piece is worthy of your money? We look forward to hearing from you in comments.

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