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Polishing time: Ubisoft rejects the release of Far Cry 5 and other games

Three of the titles of the French distributor for the first half of the year 2018 will arrive late

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One of the most intriguing games to come to us during the first months of the new year is Far Cry 5, which will take us for the first time in the series Lev Of the United States. The title is still on its way, though it will now arrive about a month after the original date - on 27 in March 2018, instead of 27 in February.

At the distributor Cite Assassin's Creed Origins as a direct reason for the decision, arguing that the decision to give the brand some rest and launch the latest title after a hiatus has proven itself and made it possible to create a more quality and advanced game - when it is quite difficult to argue with that assertion, because Origins did win For a significantly better face from all three of its predecessors (Syndicate, Unity and Rogue) for both critics and gamers, which is also reflected in increased sales volumes, with or without the title protection being not yet hacked and not available for pirate download.

It would be worth waiting a little longer for The new? Let us hope that this is one rejection

Another game that has been rejected, even more significantly, is the title of The Crew 2, which will continue to create the open world that has been buried by professional critics but has nevertheless become a success story for the genre-loving gamers - instead of a planned launch in March, the game will now arrive during the first half of Fiscal year 2018-2019 in the company, ie sometime between the beginning of April and the end of September 2018, with here also the stated goal is to increase and improve the product, as requested.

Taking into account the predominant problematic quality of its predecessor - The Crew 2 could actually earn a lot of a few months' launch rejection for polishing and expanding available content

For dessert, a sequel whose identity has not yet been revealed received a particularly significant rejection, from fiscal year 2018-2019 to fiscal year 2019-2020 - meaning sometime between April 1 in April 2019 and March 2020. Ouch - a very long wait for us.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the mysterious game that was postponed to another year? Meanwhile we can only guess

No one outside the company really knows what game it is, but the top guesses are that it may be the much-awaited sequel to Beyond Good and Evil or a title from one of the series that bears the name of writer Tom Clancy - Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon or maybe Rainbow Six As heir to the successful contemporary Siege. Do you have your own guess? Let's share in the comments.


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  1. Sure all these games have Micro Transactions and they have seen what happened to SW: BF2 so they take down this junk. LOL

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