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Success Story: XCOM 2 wins wall-to-wall praise and receives thanks to investors already on launch day

Firaxis's new strategy game has been very impressive to visitors, and has also gained support from many well-known locations

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Sid Meyer and his team did it again: After Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, the acclaimed 2012 and 2013 respectively, bringing XCOM back to the prestige it enjoyed in the early 1990s, Firaxis completed the development of XCOM 2 Which will arrive at the stores in a few days - and is receiving very good feedback from visitors.

The developer and distributor of 2K Games were probably very confident in their product, so they allowed visitors to spread what they thought about the game about five days before it reached the stores - and the results did sound very impressive, With an average of 90 from 100 based on 36 reviews on the metacritic site. This is an average score very similar to that you received Enemy Unknown at the time, and probably places XCOM 2 as one of the potential candidates for the title of '2016' this year, even though this year has just begun.

Another impressive creation of Firaxis Games Studio

Very soon we will be able to hear what the players themselves have to say about the title of the strategy in the new theories, and make sure that their opinion (or at least the opinion of most of them) does match the positive opinion of the professional critics, but until that happens we will tell you that in the game there is an especially strong emphasis on creating modim And more addictive - with an interesting collaboration with the amateur moderators who created one of the most popular and popular plugins for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which answers there The Long War And was launched only a month ago in its full version.


The Long War Studios who created The Mod worked in collaboration with Firaxis Studios, And offer three new and free kisses Already at the launch of XCOM 2 The 5 in February - one mod that will add three new weapons to the existing improved game lineup, one to add a new enemy that is a more advanced and dangerous version to an existing enemy, and another to add a tree New to the characters that will make up your XCOM team.


These are modest references to The Long War (which significantly changed the content of the game and made it much longer and challenging), but this is definitely the beginning to clarify the existing commitment and sympathy for their work, and later we will see many more advanced and original friends Long War and many other amateurs.

With or without Modus, XCOM 2 seems to be a real celebration for all strategy enthusiasts.


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