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Watch the great game trailer for Far Cry Primal

UBSoft is surprising and takes its brand back in time to make the wild world and animals a more significant feature than ever before

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This does not always work as planned, but you can not deny the fact that BioBysoft is trying to provide us with a variety of experiences in their games - From historical periods Different, from different places And exotic Across the globe and even From fantasy worlds Parallel.

The new example is Primal, the fifth major chapter in the successful series that takes survival in a wild foreign world a few steps forward, or backward - to the prehistoric stone age. Without explaining too much, just watch the official exposure video below:

In Primal the actors will play Takkar, a hunt that finds itself completely alone, without equipment or , In a fictional region that corresponds to the name Oros and simulates the Mesolithic period, 12,000 a year before our modern era.

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Like games You will have to explore and survive to grow from a destitute man to a fearless warrior and a great leader - although in this case the weapons that will be available will be spears, shoots, archery, and especially wild animals that are everywhere. In the absence of automatic weapons and vehicles, the ability to domesticate and control animals is supposed to be a central and fundamental part of the gameplay mechanisms of the new title, far more than the side attraction they were in the previous episodes of the series. We do not know if this bet will pay off, but if yes, we expect a refreshing experience in the FPS game landscape.

The French distributor has learned from past experience, it seems, and succeeded in the trial of Assassin's Creed Syndicate - and therefore in the case of Far Cry Primal we will see the versions of the PlayStation 4 and 23 comes in February 2016, and the PC version lands on 1 in March, about a week later, seemingly with the exception of better polish and matching. Let's hope that only a week will be enough for the task - and we hope that the new title will be able to re-inspire the series , Similar to what the wonderful third chapter did.

The new title certainly sounds like an application One of the possible suggestions Which we saw in the survey she conducted At the beginning of the year, even if there are no dinosaurs (meanwhile)


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