Star Wars Battlefront will be your Hollywood appetizer this November

The third game in the Battlefront series is also phenomenal in its gameplay, and will be the opening blow for the launch of the new Star Wars trilogy

In April we received Finally A glimpse First On the revival of the Battlefront brand, and it looks very promising. At E3 2015 we also enjoyed a taste of the gameplay of the new title Swedish DICE, And here we were impressed overall - despite all the disadvantages that await us within the framework of business concepts of the "new generation."

Star Wars: Battlefront III is designed to reach PCs and current consoles And Microsoft at 17 in November - just a month before the very (very) launch of the first movie in the new Star Wars trilogy, The Force Awaken.

With greedy DLC content or without it - the new Battlefront looks spectacular, and it's impossible to take away from it

A short, up-to-date video that EA is now releasing shows the first gameplay of the new title in the popular series coming from the PC version, proving that the stunning visual quality is not reserved only For my videos The game engine (presented to us first), but also continues to play itself - Battlefront seems, at least right now, as the best way to make us feel like we really are within the brand universe of the brand.

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EA promises that a battlefront version of the PC will be available for the comic-con in San Diego next month

However, we already know almost certainly that all this visual beauty will come at the expense of practical content. Battlefront III will be the title with the amount of content Limited With respect to its predecessors launched more than a decade ago, it is currently about 12 game maps and less than 10 tools Different in the "base version" before the launch of the various content packages.

Developers Declare That no content will be cut from the game in order to become a bundle at an additional cost and even guarantee a single DLC package that will be available free of charge to all game purchasers in early December, but ultimately our long acquaintance with the distributor And her intense affection for added content does not leave us many choices except to prepare for the worst - and in the best case to be positively surprised in retrospect.

There will be a number of vehicles and aircraft in which you can use the game, but do not expect to find space battles like theirs - at least not before the arrival of the five planned DLC packages
There will be several tools And aircraft where you can use the game, but do not expect to find fights there At least not before the arrival of the five planned DLC packages

Will the gamers make EA realize that they are neither suckers nor fools, or will the good timing and glamorous look succeed in forgetting what is (or mostly is not) beneath the surface? We'll get answers in a few months.

Two more gameplay from the 4 of the game, with one of them you will also find a guest appearance of Admiral 'It's A Trap' the one and only