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Thanks to PUBG: The Steam platform is breaking new records

The most popular PC gaming history game refuses to stop, and brings us to an incredible record of use

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Steam has another good reason to celebrate at the end of 2017 - with New record Of about 17.5 million users have been connected to the service in parallel during the past few days, of which nearly seven million playing in different titles online through the platform at the same time.

This is a continuation of the meteoric rise of the game developer Valve, which reached a record of "only" 14 million equivalent users at the beginning of the current year and less than 11 million equivalent users towards the end of 2015 - when these numbers are naturally affected Positive on sales volume in the store And the revenues received from it for its operators and for the creators of the games on which it is based.

More new records for Steam

The main reason for the peak use of It's undoubtedly the festive long weekend in North America, combined with the start of the platform's Fall Operations (or Black Friday, if you will) - but another factor that has certainly made a significant contribution to the huge growth is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, the modest action game of the state The addictive Battle Royale, which stormed the market Since its launch last March, breaking record popularity since then, even though it is part of the early access program for games that are still incomplete and fully prepared.

PUBG - A huge hit that parades Come on, or a hit created by Steam?

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, passed DOTA 2 a few months ago and became the title with the highest number of simultaneous players in all , And since then has not stopped for a moment and reached an incredible level of almost three million players at the same time, more than 2 mouths from any other game, including the most successful and popular ever like V and Counter Strike: GO. Add to this general sales that now stand at more than 22 million units, and it is not difficult to understand why many people declare that the growth of service in 2017 could have been much more moderate had it not been for the very existence of the unexpected hit.

More than one-third of the peak active players in the service came thanks to just one title - launched just eight months ago and still not reaching its official commercial version

Another record that will break At the end of 2017 is the launch of the new games launch - with the expectation of more than 6,500 new games (!!) added during the year, compared to a record of about 5,000 titles in 2016. All of these numbers make it clear that there is still room to continue to strive and expand - Is becoming an unmatched monster in the gaming market, and we hope that you will not exploit this control for bad because of economic interests of one kind or another.

Number of titles added to So far on 2017 is similar to the total amount of games that were in service at the end of 2015 (since launching 2006) - and the hand is still slanted


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