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21 New Games Everyday: The climactic year of Steam

The data on the big gaming platform for 2017 is revealed and they are breaking records, of course - with the addition of more games than the two years preceding it together

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Almost every summary of 2017, which was somehow connected to the famous game service from Wulb, , Reached new highs of popularity and relevance - and now the site operator's data is also joining Spy (which specializes in providing very interesting statistics that are not shared from the platform itself) that confirm the matter.

How much year was 2017 in service? Well, by Spy Games launch rate broke because a record is possible with 7,672 titles added to the repository - a little more than 21 titles every single day for 365 days, or a new game almost every hour on average. This number alone is greater than any games added to Throughout 2016, 2015 plays, according to its data Spy), and worth more than 68 percent of all games launched on the platform since it was established in the middle of the previous decade and until the end of 2016.

Unprecedented data in the gaming world

Much of this huge leap has been created since the start of the " Direct in place of Greenlight, which allows any creator to market their game service for a minimum initial amount of $ 100 without the need for any votes and recommendations from the players as before - so it will be interesting to review the quality of the new titles, not just their number, due to this fundamental change This will ensure that the volume of games launched will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond.

Data from previous years: 11,100 games launched between 2006 and 2016 - and about two-thirds of that number was added only during 2017

The total number of games available to purchase and run through Quickly approaching 20,000's threshold, so even a single hour of experience in each one will require over two full years of a person's life - which is without even talking about the cost of buying this crazy supply rule. Remember how only a few years ago there were voices claiming that the PC gaming market was dying?

Not only has PUBG brought new highs and heights in the field during 2017 - the entire field is shining and blossoming, even if not all creators and games share success


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