Bonus for the new launch: All Battlefield 4 expansion packs are available for free download

EA Games is preparing to launch Great 1

after Which is open and open to all Ended with a record achievement in the form of 13.2 million participants who experienced it during the week, the American distributor EA announce an interesting benefit also intended to promote the launch of the title of the action 1 in about a month - with the upgrade interest in 4.

The company has announced that it will offer All five expansion packs of the popular title launched in 2013 are completely free For every applicant and any platform on which they are available - by Monday, the 19 in September, in the afternoon.

Free for everyone - all you need is the Battlefield 4 itself
Free for everyone - all you need is the 4 itself

The expansions discussed are China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand, and include new maps, new game modes, and new equipment added to the online status of 4 - when their original price was between 10 and 15 each, so this is an interesting benefit for those who have already played the title in the past and are considering a new comeback, or for those who have always wanted to experience it and have not.

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Players will still need to purchase the base package of 4 to enjoy these expansion packages (all through EA's dedicated Origins service on the PC platform) - and is now available for purchase through Origin at the price of 20 EUR / USD, depending on the geographical location from which the platform decides you are browsing.

So if the beta for 1 has opened your appetite for online and massive online games - here you have the option of satisfying the need for the interim until the 21 in October, when the new "real thing" will officially land on the shelves. Enjoy!

Everything is ready for the grand launch of the year
Everything is ready for the grand launch of the year