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Not to be missed: A pair of great action games for free

Original Article: The Action Title and Psychic Horror Alan Wake and the Online Historical Action Title For Honor Expect You in the Epic Games Digital Store

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The Luxury Benefits of the Store Reach the climax this week with a breakdown of a popular AAA popular duo at no charge - all it takes is a free platform account to which you can add the titles in a few clicks.

The first game is Remedy Entertainment's Finnish company Alan Wake, originally launched in 2010 for the console 360 as part of an exclusive deal with Game Studios And landed on PCs in 2012 - when recently the developer finally acquired the brand rights and gave us hope that it will someday continue.

Until that happens, you can enjoy the great original title at no cost - instead of paying 15 dollars.

Alan Wake

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The second offered free game is the standard version of the game For Honor from home , Which brings together legendary warriors from various nations in large and online bloody arenas and has become a success story which provides it with support and updates even today, two and a half years after it was originally launched.

To fully enjoy For Honor you will need to make purchases of several more DLC packages that have been launched for it lately - but now you can at least experience the gaming experience and decide if it is for you, and whether you want to continue to invest money in the product.

For Honor Standard Edition - without paying a dime, instead of a standard recommended price of 40 dollars

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Both of these games will be available for free until next Thursday, the 8 in August - and then the double-bidding frenzy of the Is coming to an end, with the surreal GNOG puzzle and thinking game launched last year.

And next week - an indie game called GNOG

updating: Have you not yet collected the wonderful pair of games we presented here before you? You've definitely got a last day to do - don't forget!


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