Assassin's Creed is free, now in the uPlay store

Let's take advantage of China's new Lunar New Year celebrations, even if you do not really know what it's all about

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In China these days are celebrating their personal New Year, calculated by the movements of the moon - and it seems that the people of the company (Ubisoft) hope to take advantage of the event to add a few more fans around the world, when we can all enjoy this situation regardless of relations with the giant state in the east.

On the occasion of the Chinese holiday, the uPlay platform store offers registered users Add the stealth-action game Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China To their library, as a gift - at no cost (instead of the standard price of EUR 10), now and forever, when the deal itself is available until this Tuesday, the 5 in February 2019.

You can choose to make the "purchase" of the title using an account , Without the need to enter credit information in practice

Assassin's Creed Chronicles is a trilogy of modest and small games within the UBisoft mega-successful brand launched in 2016, focusing on three different historical periods and three different locations around the globe (India, Russia and China) and a graphical display of 2.5 dimensions without the open and free world that characterizes Assassin's Creed others - and now have them all An opportunity to experience first Of the three ease and comfort. All you need is your own uPlay account.

Their love? You will also purchase the The entire trilogy of Assassin's Creed Chronicles With the remaining pair of chapters at the price of 10 EUR, instead of EUR 25 in normal times.

Maybe these are not the most prestigious games of the brand - but when you get the chance to play them for free, there are not too many reasons to complain

Additional discounts available at the UBSoft store include: the latest Far Cry 5 at the price of 20.4 EUR, the title of the Extreme Steep for the Euro 7.5, the full package of the online game The Division with all its expansions at 9 EUR, the title of the races in the open world The Crew 2 in 18 Euro and more. Worth a look at the full list - Pleasant shopping!