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Discounted price, still unavailable in Israel: PlayStation Now service is upgrading

The upcoming competition on the part And Microsoft does its thing?

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The year 2019 brought with it launches of some definitely interesting monthly gaming services, but it seems the main course is still ahead - with the expected launch of the Stages and xCloud over the next month, which will allow high-quality direct-streaming gaming across a wide range of devices, regardless of their processing power.

Whoever feels the increasing competitive heat, it seems, is a Sony company that has so far made a slight debut in the streaming game since acquiring Gaikai's platform nearly half a decade ago - and this is reflected by a 50 percent reduction in the monthly subscription service cost Now its now, which makes it much more interesting in the markets where it's officially available.

Hundreds of "Play as You Can" titles on 4, and availability of some even on computers (with a requirement to visit DualShock 4) - but not in Israel

From now on, an appointment Now gives unlimited access to almost 800 caps 3, 2, Vita and 4 on the consoles 4, will cost 10 dollars every month - or 25 dollars for three months and 60 dollars for a full year, compared to prices of 20 dollars a month and 100 dollars for the year they took up to a few days ago. The service allows direct streaming of all of these games, and even allows streaming more than 100 titles on PCs in the same package - including some creations that have never been officially "physically" launched for the platform, reminding us of the power of technology to completely ignore the limitations Such materiality or other and bring every title to any connected device Instantly delivers.

The disappointing news is that the announcement of price reductions from Sony did not come with a launch in other markets around the world, and without any information on such plans to continue - Now available in 19 countries only, where there is a tough geographical restriction and a requirement to pay on a local credit card from that country that would make it very difficult for anyone not residing in those designated locations without mentioning the lack of server infrastructure required to effectively run the required streaming capabilities at reasonable times .

Entry of two more services In a very high profile will the opening of an accelerated global expansion race? We want to believe that this is a real possibility

We have no idea when and whether we'll even get to see you Now it lands in Israel - but with the arrival of two other big competitors into the arena, one can certainly hope that someone will lift the glove in our local market, sooner or later.

The exact prices and economic models of domestic gaming streaming services And Microsoft has yet to be fully disclosed, but competition in the field looks set to be very interesting - and very beneficial to consumers seeking to join the revolution. We will continue to monitor and update you every step of the way.

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