For limited time only: All Battlefield 1 expansion packs are available for free • HWzone

For limited time only: All Battlefield 1 expansion packs are available for free

EA Games has found its way to keep interest in the series Its against the backdrop of the launch of the new episode - and free of charge to all four of the previous hit content packs

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Launch of vista V has been rejected and will only bring it to us in two months, in a version that (we hope) will be optimally polished and on the fine line between striving to renew and refresh the formula and the need to satisfy the wishes of the veteran community and fans - but in the meantime we enjoy a surprise in the form of a deal that is very hard to ignore 1, for the benefit of those who have already acquired and experienced and especially those who have not.

The EA Games distributor's Origin platform platform is now completely free 1 - With all four content packs created for the title since its original launch: They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse, each featuring new maps, modes of play, weapons, vehicles and fighters that increase diversity and interest That exist in the impressive hit created by DICE.

All tens of dollars worth of content can be yours for free - if you hurry

The original price of the Premium Pass was 50 (!), However It is now available for absolutely free download As stated, when at the same time also Battlefield 1 Base Pack Only available on a large discount with an 5 Euro tag (or dollar, depending on your geographical location) - so for less than 25, you can get the game along with all its major DLC content.

Just about a month ago We wondered whether the end of the On The House project meant the end of EA's free distribution - And to our delight right now it doesn't look like it

Button here to go to the Premium Pass package at the Origin store

Note that these offers will only be available until Tuesday, the 18 in September - so take advantage of them quickly. Nice gaming!


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  1. I tried to download the add-ons, but you need to buy the BATTERFELD at 5 EUR to lower the charges

  2. What is simple to download and what has cost hundreds of shekels up to now just get free or around the 30 NIS ???

  3. I got the whole game for free.
    There was a time when they gave it away for free or it was for closed beta players…. Idon't remember.
    Now it's full ... excellent.

  4. Is it just me or is the game really dead on PS4 ?!

    I've been connecting for two days in the evening for two days and there's one or two full-pressure servers.

    At least I bought the regular version at the time. It is really a bit annoying to those who bought a premium that it is distributed for free… but not surprising.

    In Batfield, too, they dribbled an extension and another extension time after time for free.

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