A hint for PlayStation 5? Sony is upgrading its game controllers with new HWzone buttons

A hint for PlayStation 5? Sony is upgrading its game controllers with new buttons

A new add-on for the popular DualShock 4 controllers will add some interesting usefulness - at the back

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Feel like visiting your regular console 4 Is there too little control, despite the joystick, four-button pair, four side buttons, touchpad, six-axis motion control based on accelerometers and gyroscopes and the share button? Apparently you're not alone - though Decides to now provide its own official modular extension for the DualShock 4 controllers that will add a new programmable and customizable back button.

The component Back Button Attachment connects to the headphone adapter on the lower middle of the popular wireless game controller (but does not turn it off to our delight - but allows audio through the wired headset if you wish) and adds a pair of rear control buttons to the product center, along with a small touch screen technology Through which the usability of those buttons can be adjusted depending on the application and player preferences. Anyone said macro buttons for the console world? It certainly sounds like a similar concept.

Why buy a new one when the existing controller can be upgraded?

We are not convinced that it will be very convenient to use these new back buttons, especially for relatively small handsets - but the fact that this is a Sony official plugin should help it gain significant popularity from other third-party solutions in the market that have offered new control descriptions for past consoles. The official recommended price of $ 30 is a little hard to digest for us on days when the DualShock 4 controller itself is sometimes sold for less than $ 40 - but it would be a more sensible investment for users who already own Sony's control controllers compared to investing in controlling controllers. Brand new advanced from companies like , SCUF, Astro or Nacon.

Launch next month - and our hope is that the price will drop soon, much like the price of the DualShock 4 controllers themselves

Is this the timing of this late launch, a year before the consoles 4 and with which the DualShock 4 controllers may become old news due to the launch of an advanced and sparkling fifth generation, indicative of the improvement and upgrade plans of To come as the default in the future? We hope to get answers on this soon.

Increment in the generation 4 will become a basic part of the generation 5? We'll see

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