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A month and a half of grace passed them: The pirates also broke Borderlands 3

The latest and most sophisticated version to date of the Also fell, after a period of time that allowed the fresh game to record the best opening in the history of the brand

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Except for games that require users For constant authentication against an official remote server, All other games appear to have been hacked and "credited" with illegal piracy on the network - with the key difference being the amount of time it takes for those hackers who work within each other's hacking groups to complete the mission.

עבור Borderlands 3 Impressive, Which was based on the Epic Store platform's built-in file protection that was launched exclusively (temporarily) in combination with an up-to-date version of technology Renowned, which has been defending prominent headlines for years.

The game has already won the most successful exclusive title of the store - And it cannot be denied that the fact that we did not break out immediately upon initial launch (like quite a few other works) could have contributed

It's taken 46 days since launch, but finally Borderlands 3 with all the DRM protections that we gave in to the CODEX hacking group, and from there on their way to The piracy distribution was very short. More recent games with protection are also likely Are now in significant danger of hacking (FIFA 20 and Beyond: Two Souls, for example), assuming they include the same enhanced technologies designed to inhibit the pirates.

The launch of Borderlands 3 Has been absolutely successful, after a five-year respite, with the 2K Games distributor announcing sales of over 5 million units on consoles and PCs in the first five days - doubling the numbers from the launch of Borderlands 2 and the best opening data for any title in history Company from California. We do not have any official data yet but Borderlands 3 numbers have continued to rise significantly over the past few weeks - and it will now be interesting to find out whether the breakout will affect the continuity of the success, or allow it to progress and expand without much effect.

The never-ending battle between defenders and burglars in the gaming world continues. Let's hope it doesn't cause more keys and distributors Emphasize the use of online identification in single-player game modes

Already played on Borderlands 3? Let us know what your impressions of him are.

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