Thronebreaker: The Witcher series is coming back big

The Gwent card game, which started as a nice marginal addition, becomes the center of a whole new title - and gets great praise

Have you missed the world of Grallet kills the monsters? Although the central trilogy has come to an end with Wild Hunt and its add-ons, it seems that the entire brand is not supposed to disappear from the landscape in the near future - and alongside the free Gwent that offers players to indulge in Altnertiva for Hearthstone we now get the Thronebreaker, With a princess called Meve based on card battles as his base, instead of the three-dimensional real-time battles we have become accustomed to.

Can a game in the world of the Witcher succeed even without the main characters we all know and love? Very soon we will find out

Use Gwent's card battles In a game with a price tag of 30 dollars May sound like a convenient and accessible idea for quick profit at the expense of the popularity of the name Witcher, but to our delight the reviews of Thronebreaker make it clear that this is not really the case and praise the product which is a combination of mature and intriguing plot and attractive game world that includes a few other different elements that add depth to the base Relatively simple.

With an average score of 85 from 100 based on 18 reviews Metacritic site, It seems that the new chapter can certainly be cited as another success of the Project Red CD studio, which will probably also be commercially successful (when it becomes available for everyone) Through the GOG store On 23 in October) and could become the basis for a whole series of games in a similar style that tell tales surrounding the actions of Gralett himself, under the name The Witcher Tales, which appears here as the sub-title of the game.

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Given that a real role-playing game from The Witcher is not really in sight While the developer is working on Cyberpunk 2077 - We will be happy to see an alternative development of the world with more works like Thronebreaker

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is designed for single players and will reach PCs in a little less than two days, And Microsoft at 4 in December 2018. Planning to try it or give up the offer? Let's talk about it in reactions!