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A new and promising era for Hitman

The popular stealth games series is embarking on a new independent path with a chapter available free to everyone and removing its file protection

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Last month, we received disappointing and worrying news that Square Enix decided to give up the Io-Interactive development studio at a time when it seemed to have reinvented its most famous brand in the short and discounted distribution system.

This announcement placed a significant risk on both the very existence of the veteran developer from Denmark and the existence of the Hitman series, and now, to our delight, this mess seems to have been resolved - the best we could imagine.

After a relatively limited round of layoffs, it seems that Io Interactive announced that they have become a fully independent company while retaining all Hitman brand rights, allowing them to continue to redevelop it within the framework of the conceptual and conceptual initialization that was launched for it from 2015.

Despite a preliminary round of layoffs - it seems that most of the developer team survived the crisis and will continue to work on future games in an independent format

The new independence of the company brought with it almost immediately a pair of definitely welcome changes, from the point of view of consumers: The opening chapter of the new Hitman has been made available freely to everyone in need,, And a distributed update canceled the use of the notorious file protection , Which actually opens the way for the potential distribution of the game on the GOG platform, with no mechanism Wherever he is.

Hitman turns to a more rosy future - and more friendly for the players, we hope

Another significant change that may be a bit less popular among potential buyers is the announcement that starting now the distribution of the first season in the new Hitman will sometimes be canceled, and will be offered only as one package with all the chapters within it at full price - the method we know most of the games in the market. Those who have previously purchased only a few chapters can complete a full purchase at a relative price from which the content they already own will be removed and new purchasers will be able to receive all the content at once (now at a discounted price of $ 23 only) ", The introductory chapter that will be offered for free download and commitment.

This does not necessarily mean that Io Interactive has given up on the idea of ​​developing a second and third season of short content for the series. This is also common in other titles that are first marketed in chapters, and then united when the add-on stage ends. It is not sure that this is the right and most intelligent decision, but we are willing to let the manufacturer benefit from the doubt - and hope that we will now be able to get more and more interesting and high quality adventures and tasks of the immortal 47 agent at a fast pace and at a fair price. Good luck!

Maybe now is the time to finally talk about the continuation of the Freedom Fighters game? We'll see


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