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Special look, classic gameplay: Prodeus game is looking for investors

A new and ambitious action game developed by a pair of creators enters the last stage of his project, after he has already promised the minimum amount required

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Addicted to the Doom series and similar games, and feel that there are not enough of these in the modern era of martial arts titles and the various Royal Battalions? Please meet Prodeus - who feels as if the style and approach of the mid-nineties never left us.

Prodeus is a first-person action game created by a pair of developers with a rich history that includes work on series titles , From the series , Dom in his successful 2016 version and Uncharted - who decided to set out on their own as Bounding Box and focus on what speaks to them most of all with a very interesting and violent retro-modern style.

Prodeus offers gameplay that is very reminiscent of the series All with large, complicated game maps that need to be drawn from one end to the next and access to the next stage and various secrets scattered throughout them, all at a rapid movement rate and with innumerable enemies to eliminate from every corner - while the mirror is a combination of old and new with certain elements in a three-dimensional design Modern, and others are deliberately focused on getting the sense of nostalgia. Players will even have the ability to define whether they want to see enemies in modern 3-D or 2-D models.

A kind of combination between Dom 2 and 2016 - with an attempt to take the most successful parts of each of these games and embark on a new path with potential for future continuity

The game is expected to be available to both Windows and MacOS and Linux,, God- 4 and Switch - No exclusivity plans for this game store or any other DLC add-on programs after launch (but with plans to continue supporting and adding content by 2021). The title will be offered in Early Access format for personal computers as early as the month of September 2019, with an official launch program and full- As well as consoles during 2020.

The game will also include a map editor - allowing all players to easily create and share their creations based on the tools and elements that will be available in the official version

Prodeus's creators have launched a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter platform with the goal of achieving $ 52,000 for the game - a goal that has already been achieved with the amount of funding now standing on 87,000 dollars from 2,300. Do you also want to? An 20 dollar investment will provide you access to the game both for PCs and for one of your supported consoles - and there are three days remaining to invest in this intriguing venture. If the amount of funding exceeds 100,000, then we will see additional steps in the full version. what do you think? Let's tell in comments!

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  1. לא רואה עניין במשחק הזה…
    יש לדום מודים שנראים יותר טוב.
    Brutal Doom Black Edition לדוגמה

  2. Excellent! There is also the excellent Strafe, the Shotgun Hrwljik wonderful transfer the feeling of shooting games of the nineties.

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