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A pair of free quality games - now online

The Humble Store and the Store departments and free titles for registered users and fresh registrants

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Weekend Celebration - More quality games are now distributed free of charge The quickest among you.

Let's start with the Humble Store, Which now offers the title of the esteemed adventures Tacoma, The creator of the game Gone Home. The game was originally launched in 2017 and holds on average 86 positive percentage of the players in Steam - and for the next 24 hours it can be obtained free of charge in Steam version or DRM-free installation file fully supported with both systems , Both on MacOS and Linux.


At the same time, Epic Games' new online store continues to recruit users With a division of its own favorite adventure game - Oxenfree, Originally launched in 2016. All that is required is a free subscription to the store and the addition of the title to the user's digital library, instead of the official recommended price of 20 dollars - when the game supports both Windows and MacOS and will be distributed free to 4 in April.


If this pair is not enough for you, keep in mind that immediately after the end of the distribution of Oxenfree in the Epic Games Store will be transferred to a free distribution of The game of adventure and praise, From the creator who also brought us the game Braid in the past - so there is more to expect in the beginning of next month. Gaming is fun!

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