Pleasant surprise: Let's get the Psychonauts game free

The online Humble Store wants you to pay attention to its latest discount project - and do it by handing out an old, high-quality game for no fee,

We try to tell you about each and every situation where you can get games without any financial investment on your part, and this is even truer when the games in question are considered to be real quality classics so that in the next day you should not miss the opportunity to get the platform title and the wonderful action of Tim Shaeffer and his men, Psychonauts, At the 'price' of a free subscription to the Humble Store website, Old and familiar.

The store is holding summer promotions these days, with Variety of discounts And hopes to generate buzz among consumers through the distribution of the title, which was originally launched in 2005, won the Cult status retrospectively and is expected to get a full follow-up during the coming year, after having already received a small comeback with a new chapter intended for Sony's virtual reality glasses on the console, 4.

An opportunity you really should not give up, even if you've already got to know this game

Once you've registered and logged in with your user, you can get a code to play your game in your library. If the offer is available for a little more than a day, but may also end prematurely if the number of free keys allocated is depleted, then we strongly recommend that you complete the process immediately, without delay.

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Even if you've already played Psychonauts and it's already in your virtual library - you can get another copy as a gift you give to another person. Gaming is fun!

Old, but still very relevant and unique
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