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A sharp picture and an upgraded run rate: Xbox One X arrives in Israel

The most powerful lounge console created to date will be available for purchase starting in the middle of the week

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Microsoft wants to strengthen the significance of its relationship with the gaming community, here in the Holy Land too - and this is reflected in the official launch of the console X, which is impressive and promising, alongside its launch in other major markets around the world.

The company's response to the PlayStation 4 Pro launched last year is more like a PC than ever before, with a system on a chip that includes eight general processing cores and a graphical core with 40 processing clusters (which are 2,560 processing units) , Along with 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory to use all these units in parallel, all based on TSMC's recent stop-up process at 16 nm, with an internal power supply unit and dimensions almost identical to those of the X- S - with the goal of supporting all games supported by the Original, future and existing alike (including those from past generations), but with better display quality and / or higher running rates.

A very advanced console - which will cost you quite a bit of money, at least at the beginning

Maximum performance of 6TFLOPS (or 6 trillion floating point calculations per second), more than 4 of what and the- S, should support the modern world where HDR standards, QHD and UHD resolutions, and 60 Hz or higher refresh rates are rapidly becoming more common - and should also For the first time in a position where it has more powerful hardware than that of its major competitor, which may also reduce the large sales gap that the Japanese manufacturer has launched in recent years ( 4 Pro Plus?).

On each console X Hides a likeable illustration of Master Chief riding a scorpion embedded on the printed circle - just like that, for fun

So how much will the X in Israel? New NIS 2,600 (or about NIS 2,220 in stores in Eilat) through the official importer with one year warranty, packed with cattle Single and no games included - this compares to the price tag of 500 dollars without taxes and about 500 euros including taxes in the United States and Europe. Early purchase is possible now (with bonuses such as Free of charge), when the practical availability of the consoles in the stores is due to begin on Tuesday, November 7.

Is worth the price, when the PlayStation 4 Pro can be found (through parallel importers) with price tags of less than NIS 1,800, S Can I get less than 1,000 shekels? Let us tell you what you think about the reactions.


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  1. Even cheaper than the cost of a gaming PC, the truth is that even if you buy it and the PlayStation it is still cheaper than a normal gaming PC….
    But no console has the experience of the computer.

    1. Not just games on your computer!
      You can create, work and return your investment.
      In addition, over time the computer is more financially lucrative.
      Cheaper games, backwards compatibility for thousands of games.
      No charge online! Emulators.

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