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A small picture for a promising future: Command & Conquer Remastered

The first picture of the renewed version of the legendary strategy game is designed to illustrate the great attention to detail that awaits us in the final product

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EA Games managed to thrill a decent number of veteran gamers at the end of last year when it announced the A remake of the Command & Conquer game, Which became a commercial hit somewhere in 1995 - one that will support modern systems and resolutions with a new color layer and without any major changes to the gaming base that is considered solid and relevant today.

We still do not know when Command & Conquer Remastered is intended to arrive, but now know that EA is planning a Remastered version similar to the first episode of the spin-off series Alert - When the two projects are jointly led by Studio Petroglyph, created after the disbandment of original developer Westwood Studios and includes some of its lead creators who were the creators of the acclaimed titles.

What we have just received is a first image of the remake of the basic Construction Yard - and although this is not an official video game or even a screenshot of the modern incarnation, attention to the small details in such an element was enough to excite the series fans across the web, alongside Updates on behalf of the game producer About the innovation workflows that include improvements to the code base for an online game, as well as work on single-player feature campaign tasks. This nostalgic project certainly looks promising.

The source (right) and the updated version - a difference of sky and earth that corresponds to the 4K era

Together with the official announcement of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Which promises a refreshing new gaming experience in the Star Wars plot universe for a single player and without plans for additional paid DLC content or real money buying mechanisms - it seems that Is definitely trying to improve its modus operandi and build better mutual trust with the community of actors. Will it succeed? We'll probably know soon.

Changing attitude and becoming more friendly, could it be?

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