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A surprise from the past: A new play from the renowned Blizzard title

Remember StarCraft: Ghost? New video offers a few minutes of mature play from the action title and stealth canceled after many years of development

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There are quite a few games that reach the store shelves when they are far from ready and fully mature - and on the other hand, there are some examples of titles that have reached a very impressive stage in their development process, but nevertheless have not seen the light of day and reach the hands of gamers.

Starcraft: Ghost is a well-known example of a title track Lasted about four years - and eventually shelved, without the brand enthusiasts (and art lovers from Blizzard Company in general) being given the opportunity to experiment and give their opinions on it. All this took place many years ago, but even today, not all information is known to the general public - because a new model video game offers us a few minutes of actual gameplay that have not been seen before.

Ghost gaming quality can be debated as it is shown in the video (from an advanced development that somehow found its way to private individuals), when it is likely that dissatisfaction with the chosen artistic direction is also the one that eliminated the project, but it is difficult to ignore the impressive visual quality - for a title Originally developed for Sony PlayStation 2 consoles, Nintendo GameCube and The original of .

An unpolished diamond or a jarring failure that is rightfully saved from us? We still find ourselves having a hard time deciding

Did Blizzard make the right choice when they stopped developing the game somewhere in the middle of the last decade, or is this a big miss that could make the StarCraft series even more fiery and famous in the gaming world? Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments.

Devout fans continue to remind us of Ghost even today with various costumes and amateur acts, as if it has never been canceled - but as of this moment, we are not publicly aware of any new project under development in the StarCraft series, unfortunately


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