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Twitter teaser: The announcement of Dragon Age 4 is approaching

Is the next big game from home And the company Will bring us back to the world of Thedas after a long break?

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After the jarring failures of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, it seems that the famous Canadian developer Ready to appeal to their remaining successful modern brand in the hopes of winning a bit of a landmark - Dragon Age, which is much closer to its plot and ideas for classic Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

Tweet on the official page of Twitter announced the brand's tenth birthday, with the original launch of Dragon Age: Origins (considered by many to be the best in the series to date) on 3 in November 2009 - and promised a month-long update on December 4 which became an unofficial holiday Of fans, under the nickname Dragon 4ge Day.

A decade of Dragon Age has passed quickly - perhaps because the brand has been in a coma for close to half a decade

Given that it's been five years since the last role-playing game, Dragon Age Inquisition, was launched, it can be assumed that some new announcement can only refer to some new episode and not the past - and it brings many on the web to develop hopes and expectations for the first pieces of information about Dragon Age 4, Which, according to rumors circulating on the network, began its development process as early as 2015 but was shelved due to insufficient progress, and started its way back as a headline with elements of a collaborative online world last year.

Dragon Age: Inquisition felt like a return to the trajectory of Dragon Age 2 that was too simplistic and arrived too soon after the original Dragon Age - but Dragon Age 4 may be radically different from anything we met in previous years

Assuming the information is accurate, does this mean that a new Dragon Age will be more similar to the disappointing futuristic Anthem than the past Dragon Age creations which have always been a single-player experience? We will try to keep youthful kindness to And hope she succeeds in surprisingly positive this time, in any situation.

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