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Guns, planes and landscapes: all details on Far Cry 5

The new chapter in the successful series of Promises to give us an ever greater variety of weapons, methods and means to eliminate enemies

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Dear gamers, please open your calendars and mark them this coming February - because it seems to be the one that is now giving us the first truly great title for 2018. Get to know you 5, which will try to refine the well-known formula with more interesting characters, more tools , More tools More reasons to continue to play even after you have finished the narrative mode for the first time.

A quality plot, for a change?

A launch trailer made entirely of elements built using the game engine (which will be the familiar Dunia engine of the series, in an updated version of course) offers the plot details we've already partially guessed for ourselves. A head-to-head religious cult that answers Eden's Gate believes that the world is about to be destroyed and that it must be the one to repent before it happens - by force and suppression, if necessary, which poses a difficult problem for the innocent residents of the fictional Hope County cycle in which it operates.

This is where the actors come in, who for the first time in the series will not portray a predefined character, but will be able to create a character of their own, acting as the local sheriff's deputy who comes to help and solve the mess. Things get complicated quickly, as expected, and players will have to forge alliances and form partnerships with locals to help them on the road to victory over the sect, which this time includes not only a lone charismatic leader but a group of different bosses of different abilities, character and attitudes - with at the same time three More new videos come to prove that even the county people you meet will not be digital logs aimed at delivering tasks or anything, but complex and interesting characters with their own agenda that may not necessarily agree with you and collaborate - think of it as a significant extension of the positive buds we meet More watery 3.

Spectacular landscapes and more interesting characters will make this game the best in the series? It will not be simple

The range of weapons and vehicles in 5 should be impressive too, with the promise of a variety of cool tools with which you can hit and cut the bad guys, combined with a range of modern hot weapons of course, as well as helicopters, aircraft, marine aircraft, boats, trucks, SUVs, buggies, "Muscle cars" and more, with at least some tools being installed Which would make the use of the fun much more enjoyable.

A plane with a multi-barrel cannon on it? We are definitely in favor.

Why alone if possible together

Far Cry 5 will be the first title in the brand that will give players the opportunity to experience the entire storyline campaign and the open world that accompanies it in collaboration with a friend. The entire game will be available for co-op mode from start to finish, with players of course being able to join and disconnect from existing games without preventing the partner from going their own way - does that also mean the game will require a regular online connection, even from anyone who doesn't want to share anyone else's experience? We assume we will find the answer in the near future, and hope it will be negative.

This title will also be tamed To help you in times of trouble - including dogs, but not only

Another interesting potential addition to the game is an enhanced and expanded map editor that will apparently allow players to add and create their own content - and although it is early to jump to conclusions in this regard, we hope this is actually a hint that there will be some real coding support, which will give good reasons to come back and play a few more titles. twice.

Will the vehicles and the aircraft be much more important?

Nature is still here

Although it is quite clear that 5 will put players in a much more modern environment than any other game series in the past, the various released trailers still make it clear that animals and their main place as a tool for game development in interesting directions - you can find bears, elk, cows, bulls, dogs, fish and the like To the wolf we saw in the official poster, and although we do not know exactly how these will be reflected in the game, they are found in almost every scene in the launch trailer is probably not accidental at all, and come to emphasize that it is still an important part of the series, even if he is not sure he will have the weight The great (and some may say exaggerated) that we saw in bull Previously last year.

It sounds promising, but we need more details before we can decide whether there is a real hit in the making

And now we are waiting

Many of the things developers promise us at 5 are ones we've already heard about in the past, both in this series and in completely different games, only to find that the final product contained quirky ideas that didn't quite meet expectations - and so we'll need to see them in action with our own eyes before we can decide if there is a significant revolution to come Us or not so much.

What additions would you like to meet at 5?

These game demos themselves may be coming in the coming months, and probably in a few weeks at the big E3 2017 show in Los Angeles - when the final product will reach the PCs and consoles and the- 4 on 27 in February 2018, exactly two years after Far Cry: Primal. We are holding our fingers to a pleasant surprise, as it will succeed in fulfilling most of the central declarations, and will prove that Has not yet forgotten how to produce truly innovative titles.


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