All the giant battles you can imagine: Meet the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Think that the massive and massive battles in the Total War series are the most interesting and enjoyable part of them? A new game promises to give you more of what you love most

Agree with the statement that the historical digital battles and most of the participants in strategy games such as Rome: Total War are one of the more impressive and better things the video games world has to offer us? If the answer is yes, You should get to know the new Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, Or UEBS for short, which aims to provide users with an environment where they can create all the greatest and most bizarre battles imaginable - if their system does not collapse under the processing load, of course.

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The new title has no plot or structure defined at this stage, and is based on additives intended for the Unity 5 engine to give players the maximum freedom to create battles with thousands or even tens of thousands of units that can be made up of Spartan or Roman warriors, World War II, orcs, zombies, trolls, chickens (yes, yes) and more. UEBS also has no limit to the number of units that can be placed in battle, although the developer declares in advance that any quantity above 10,000 units will bring almost any modern computing system to the top of its capabilities - so we may also predict the birth of a kind of test New for future sourties, who knows.

Have you ever found yourself arguing about "Who will win the battle"? Now at last you have the ability to examine the result in a more or less practical way

Not surprisingly, the ability to place a modern military division against an endless army of zombies or try to reconstruct the mythical battle between the 300 Spartans and the 10,000 Warriors awards a lot to many people - and today you can find on YouTube a variety of interesting and strange records based on the new game , Now available at The cost of 14.4 dollars (which is a discount of 10 percent and a full official price switch of 16 dollars).

One small example Out of hundreds already circulating on different YouTube channels, And accumulate tens and hundreds of thousands of views

So far, UEBS has enjoyed a warm reception at the players in, With 81 percent of positive 566-positive reviews made within two days of entering the Early Access program-and this is also an impressive and important success for a project initiated by one single person and based so far on assistance from various volunteers during a phase His alpha, until he reached his current maturity.

We would not be surprised if Robert Weaver, the thinker of this great and impressive project, already has a guaranteed workplace waiting for me Assembly, which brought us the Total War games and always looking for new ways and methods to surprise us with more massive and authentic battles

Do you think that this concept will mature into a real and real end product, or is it one of these ideas that has success and initial momentum but ultimately fades away because it does not have the potential to generate interest over time? You are welcome to tell us what you think about the comments.