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Stunning or boring? New Star Wars Battlefront video game (updated)

updating: It appears that the video on which this article is being spoken has been removed from the YouTube network at the request of EA. You'll probably have to make do In one או Some Countless Videos The gameplay The others From the alpha of the game in question to try to understand whether you have any point in trying to register to pronounce his next month, or better to give up already.

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Original article: New 10 game play minutes from EA's new alpha stage and DICE game gets mixed reactions across the network

Along with the Need for Speed ​​that is being programmed We've updated you Just yesterday, EA distributor has another title in a very high profile for the year 2015, and that's it Battlefront, of course, is on the wings of renewed popularity (and probably more powerful than ever) for the Star Wars brand and gets a lot of interest - even though many consider it a spiky version of the Battlefront games we saw about a decade ago.

Now, a new video posted by a user The season named Jake McNeill offers ten minutes of up-to-date gameplay (at a surprisingly good 1080p60 quality) in the Walker Assault mode of the Battlefront alpha test phase, leading to divided opinions and arguments in a variety of locations across the network.

Some viewers argue that the product looks impressive and enjoyable for the game, while the catagories claim that the gameplay is simplistic and boring, and lacks the more challenging elements in the gameplay that have made series like , Counter Strike and For success in the online action games category.

No one is yet quite sure how to relate to the return of the Battlefront series to center stage

If you have not yet decided which camp you belong to, you should know that The beta testing phase is open Starting next month at And on the new generation consoles, about a month before the official launch of the planned 17 game in November.

What do you think about the new video and Battlefront updated in general - is there a different title but a quality or just an attempt to make profits based on a successful brand and minimal investment in content and games? We look forward to hearing from you in comments.

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  1. I could not figure out what all the blogs wanted to advertise. You do not see anything new. Just bullshit. At the moment there is nothing to do except to be a little jealous of those who have been accepted into the Alfa (by the way, someone here has been accepted?) And wait patiently until October for the open speech to begin.

  2. URL = ""] SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING [/ URL] So: puke: and canceling the pre-order with a patient wait for BF5 and RAINBOW SIX between And.
    Graphical? Stunning. A snow map that does not glow as disgustingly as they did in OPERATION WHITEOUT at BF4, remember that it is the same FROSTBITE 3 engine but the textures and lighting brings BATTLEFRONT to an amazing graphic level.

    Gameplay? But we will not know until we try the beta, cancel (or not cancel) my pre-order depends on the open beta that will be another month.
    And if there really will not be a list of servers and it will be


    So: puke: and canceling the pre-order with a patient wait for BF5 and RAINBOW SIX in between.

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