Dark side of file protections (updated)

Title The strategy Anno 2070 has become inaccessible to legitimate purchasers, even in single player game modes, due to the development of file protection that has stopped updating its product

Opponents of the aggressive file-protection technologies used in the modern media world tend to give indirect harm to legal and legitimate purchasers as a clear example of the disadvantages of the system - Provides a significant reinforcement to this approach with problematic behavior vis-à-vis the players of the title of management and construction Anno 2070.

The French distributor is one of the most prominent and enthusiastic supporters of various DRM mechanisms for the protection of its products, and chose to combine the game launched in 2011 (and won very positive ratings from visitors) Which is named after Tagès alongside the built-in protections on its own uPlay platform, which are required to run the title. Tagès requires verification of the computer hardware on which a remote server was installed, reducing the chances of running hacked versions. However, the protection of this file was easily and easily broken, while Enno 2070 itself was successfully hacked and distributed throughout the network some time after its original release.

The game that lets you build a futuristic city hangs with irrelevant file protections from the past

The fact that the game was breached and that the Tagès itself had a negative reputation due to various technical mishaps (purchasers of original titles were unable to operate their games after minor material changes in their system, and sometimes even without them) And did not cause it to decide to cancel the use of - even after the development of the Tagès was abandoned by the parent company and the entire system became nothing more than a burdensome factor for players who bought Anno 2070 at their best.

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A 'successful' example in case file protections harm the opposite audience for which they were originally developed

The company's unwillingness to update the relatively old title began to take revenge on it last week, When a technical problem occurs The Tagès authentication server has resulted in legal players unable to access and play most of the Anno 2070 game modes, including most of those for a single player. The problem began to provoke furious reactions from the 6 in February, and was resolved only after little more than four days, at 10 in February - during which a ridiculous situation was created in which pirates could access and play the title without any limitations or problems, while legitimate buyers did not.

The Tagès technology website makes it clear how old it is - but not why - Have chosen to continue using it for the seven years since the release of Anno 2070

Although the problem has been corrected and the ability to access all the game modes has been restored, there is no doubt that this is a good illustration of the fact that file protections can often do much more harm than good, Too draconian prevents the buyer from having a real ownership of the product, where any technical malfunction or even bureaucratic problem (a company that closed its gates and removed the authentication server required to play a game, for example) may "lock" the player out of what is supposed to be his.

The game page was filled with scathing reviews that even called for a boycott with other products from the distributor, as a fitting response to the strange problem that had plagued the players

An attack of severe negative reviews On the Anno 2070 page in Steam Is a reminder of what happened in recent days (hopefully we will not repeat itself), and although it is not certain that an angry handful will frighten one of the strongest distributors in the market and make it change the approach immediately - we want to believe that the trend in which games are distributed decides to cancel file protections for some time after The official commercial launch and after these titles were broken by pirate groups, as a gesture of goodwill to those who purchased and purchased the works legally, will increase and expand as time passes in complete contrast to the moves of And similar to it.

The problems of the previous title will affect the success of the next title in the old Anno series, intended to be musk this year (apparently with protection Slightly more modern, but tough and draconian in its own way)

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