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Another fall for Bethesda? The recent action game is disappointing in reviews

Rage 2 was supposed to be a brilliant open world version of - but in fact, not everyone is enthusiastic about the final product, which has lower averages than its predecessor

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after Fallout 76 Which has succeeded in disappointing masses of fans with surprising and unnecessary changes to a well-established and proven formula, we were hoping to see the American game distributor Bethesda return to the sidelines this year with a refreshing and innovative action game called Rage 2. It did not really happen, at least to a large group of Who hoped to see an upgraded version of Which was inspired and loved by 2016.

Bethesda adopted into The open-source action game launched in 2010 by renowned software company Id Software, has attracted Swedish developer Avalanche Studios from the Just Cause series and the Mad Max game, creating a comeback that looks absolutely promising in the original gameplay, with destructive forces, diverse weapons and agile movement.

Quality action - but without a sweeping plot and a clear tendency to be repetitive

The months passed and the official launch date came - and then we began to receive the responses for the finished product rather than for a small, detached taste of the piece that succeeded in surprising us and not in the positive sense. Similar to another high-profile open world game recently launched, Rage 2 also has negative points that its world feels empty and boring on too many occasions, with tasks that repeat themselves with little change and no real distinction and a plot that is not interesting enough to push forward.

The open world is impressive, but includes too few real reasons to invest the time and effort in researching it

Rage 2 currently holds an average of 73 from the 100 to the PC version, According to Metacritic site, and an even lower average of 68 from 100 For the PlayStation 4 version - with even lower averages of 5.5 from 10 and 5.8 from 10 respectively by the players themselves who join the 55% positive reviews only on the Steam platform. Despite the great promises and potential, Bethesda and its people seem not to have been able to please everyone - and brought to the shops a game that fails to surpass his predecessor, who was also labeled as an unrealized promise at the time.

Rage 2 is not a bad game, but it may well be the final and final part of this brand - when it's not sure whether anyone will really regret it or miss it. Have you tried the title? Let's tell what your impressions are in comments.

Will some free DLC content improve public opinion slightly?


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  1. I loved it:
    "The open world is impressive, but includes too few real reasons to invest the time and effort into exploring it."

    True ! ! ! !

    I left it 4 days ago for American Fugitive _ (GTA 1 2D character just upgraded)
    And I left it just because there are not enough reasons to investigate it.
    I just collected 5 out of all the weapons and left (I really wanted to taste what DART is but how do you say "there are not enough reasons to continue"
    And let's just say:
    The first game RAGE 1 was excellent compared to the second.
    Prepared the FAT MAMA and other excellent GEAR from the first game?

  2. Their best option to recover from the lost reputation is Starfield. Their new title, which is not exactly known for the state of development,

    May give us a peak in the coming month at E3. According to network talk, this is a new single-campaign saga. If the right people sat on the development of the game \ series

    These games .. Maybe that's the way they'll climb back. The next ES game is nowhere near the exit, so I'm leaning on Starfield.

  3. Do not count on it.

    Starfield will run on Bethesda's antique engine. The game may compensate for gameplay and the plot is out of the ordinary. We'll smile and see. Anyway, my expectation is nil.

    This company is run by amateur snobbers who do not spit because of their community.

    I finally broke down after the 4 Fallout.

  4. What to look forward to about the lack of success of a company that brought Skiers… and Oblivion… and Doom 2016… etc… etc… etc… “another fall for bethesda”… wow what fun…

    disgusting!!!! disgusting!!!!

  5. Obelibion ​​was their last normal game.

    Since then the urine has risen to their heads.

    The company develops quarter-baked games and expects the community to spend tens of thousands of hours fixing bugs that should not have been in the first place.

    A year ago this damn Todd Howard took the stage at E3 and smirked "he read on the internet that there is a lot of bugs in their games and if it is written on the internet then it is probably true":

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