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Another free game awaits you now at the Epic Store

The young digital store continues its aspirations to gain momentum with the distribution of Transistor for everyone - and also reveals the free title that will come after him, in about two weeks

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As promised, after two weeks in which The Witness was offered free to all subscribers and registrants to the digital platform - now it's the Transistor game that you can add to your digital library at no cost, instead of the price of 10 dollars in normal days.

Transistor is an action and role-playing game that was originally launched in 2014 by San Francisco-based Supergiant Games, which also created the famous Bastion and the unique Pyre, and is now developing an additional title called Hades,.

A very interesting game - and especially stunning visual

The game presents the story of a singer named , Who lives in a futuristic city and is facing an assassination attempt by robotic creatures dubbed Process - and now she has to use a unique sword named the one that gave the game its name to understand what is behind it all. Transistor has been highly acclaimed by critics and gamers alike, and holds on average 84 reviews from 100 on the Metacritic site - so it is definitely worth your time, especially when it does not include any financial investment.

Transistor enjoyed 94 positive reviews on - Based on the opinions of over-20,000 different players

In early May we'll get another free game at - The title of the thinking and physical puzzles sold World of Goo (created by a pair of modest Indie developers - one of them Israeli). Is definitely worth it, even considering that this title was originally launched just over a decade ago.

Another nice indie game is on the horizon

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