Another stronghold fell: the game Shadow of War was breached in just one day

File protection Continues to lose its battles against the breakout groups, and we may witness the start of a new trend of giving up its services

The stated goal of digital file protections in the gaming market, which is the most recognized and recognized in the modern era, of course Which comes to us from Austria, is not a complete prevention of the distribution of games in a pirated manner - rather a delay in the process that will make it possible to make the most of the legal purchases.

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Assuming that this approach has not yet changed, it seems that the company's modern solutions no longer do the job - because some of the most recent titles launched with it were hacked and distributed freely in a matter of days when this list of victims is now joined by the title of the action in question. of War, which was hacked by a group of crackers known as CODEX in just one day, providing a way out for all those who were very disappointed to discover that the new title includes a built-in system for purchasing various digital objects in real money, plus a full price tag of 60.

The announcement of the breakthrough of Shadow of War came quickly enough to surprise almost everyone

A few days after the launch of Shadow of War, the launch of the horror game The Evil Within 2, from the Bethesda Softworks distributor based on the services of In all its games in recent years - Was not included in the new work (which has already been cracked and distributed, of course) despite the preliminary reports.

Let's hope that mechanisms for real money purchases within games will not become a new common method of earning at the expense of paying users

There are estimates And rumors That the decision to cancel the use of The new game came just a few weeks before it reached store shelves after Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (also Bethesda) was hacked within a few hours last month - and this could be a clue for the future, with at least some of the service's customers giving up, at least until For the arrival of a new version that may challenge the breakout groups a bit more. It is still too early to say that this battle has been decided, but there is no doubt that at this point the pirates have the upper hand.

First proof to the distributor that decides to forego the services of , Hoping to create sympathy among the audience? We'll see