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Appropriate answer? Sony confirms work on backward support for PlayStation 2 games

The great success that appears to Microsoft and the Thanks to backward support in games 360 causes Sony to confirm that it is preparing a similar capability to its extensive PS2 catalog

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After hearing about the good success of the current generation console from Microsoft, most probably thanks to the surprising announcement of Official back support In games Many 360, Sony's counter-response seems to be coming - confirming that it is working to turn back support on gaming 2 on the console- The latest 4.

The new property was discovered by mistake, more or less, when the version to the PS4 of the title Star Wars Battlefront Comes with a code for downloading four Star Wars games from the PS2 era - for the new generation. Consumers wondered about the matter and asked Sony about it - Which was officially announced, As stated, that back support will be allowed in the near future. It is not yet clear whether all the older generation titles will work, or what the technical conditions and limitations of this capability will be.

Soon PS4 will also have local back support, it turns out
Soon for There will be local backing back, it turns out

Reverse generation support The second is definitely positive, since even today many of the games on the same platform are well-liked and capable of providing a proper gaming experience - but back-support for third-generation games, which is only partially available through the Now, continues to be the main drawback.

A great video that offers a first demonstration of the new EM- 4 - In the meantime, it looks absolutely impressive

The very fact that most PlayStation 4 owners have no real way to 'preserve' their PS3 games directory, while Owned by the Xbox One Yes, there is such a capability - it is burdensome and causes Microsoft to win several positive points to its name at the competitor's expense. We hope Sony will soon find a way to provide back-up support even for those who can't use the gaming streaming service they develop, or alternatively, make it available in proper scale and quality all over the world, and not just in North America.



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  1. This is not a fitting answer, on the contrary, it is rather miserable and preferable that they would not offer it at all.

    It is better to focus on other things that need improvement.

  2. Sony still makes good money from the PS3 .. so it's not worth burying it so fast ..
    Note what crazy deals the PS3 games have at Sony's store.

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