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ARMA series games, purchased at any price you choose

The package The latest weekly offers you the best titles of Bohemia Interactive developer and distributor, at a price of a few dollars and with a donation component in the best tradition

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If you love action games with a focus on realism, authenticity and the military in general, chances are you already know the wonderful ARMA series, which is a fertile ground for millions of talented fans and moderators. If you somehow answer the description and haven't yet embarked on ARMA - you now have an opportunity you really shouldn't miss.

The ARMA games, together with other titles of Czech distributor and developer Bohemia Interactive, Are now available in the Weekly Bundle, Which works just like Humble Bundle Packages, Only for shorter periods - you pay as much as you like, get access to the games, and the money is split between the game developer, the And a charity that you can choose from the list of partners.

The base package (which you can pay any amount you choose) will give you access to both the first ARMA in its full Gold Edition and the base version of ARMA 2 - as well as several Bohemia titles outside of the renowned series, such as the Tactical Strategy UFO game : Afterlight, the Alpha Prime action game and real-time strategy game Original War.

If you choose to pay an amount higher than the average of 4.81, the game package you receive will be significantly expanded with four expansion packages and added content for ARMA 2, including Operation Arrowhead, which gives access The famous DayZ zombie (In its free version, as opposed to the separate version), and you will also get the spin-off of ARMA Tactics for Android devices.

Those who decide to spend even more, over 20 dollars, will have access to another pair of company titles - the 2012 strategy-action game Carrier Command, as well as the unique Take On Mars simulation game currently in the Early Access program All of the experimenters.

Lots of interesting games, for a few dollars
Lots of interesting games, for a few dollars

Unfortunately, the current package does not include the diamond in the crown of Bohemia - The third most recent title in the ARMA series And all its added content. Anyone who decides to go for the jackpot will be able to choose to pay a sum of 100 dollars or more, then get access For the entire catalog of games Of the company in Steam, including ARMA 3 This is. In this case, too, this is a very lucrative offer compared to the full price of all titles - but a smarter choice would be to purchase the 20 Dollar package in the Weekly Bundle (which includes most of Bohemia Interactive's games anyway), and purchase of ARMA 3 separately within one Of the occasional operations.

If we were able to get you interested, hurry up - the current Weekly Bundle will only be available for a little less than two days.

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