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As in the 1990s: First look at MechWarrior 5

Feel a strong need to enter into Futuristic giant and destroy everything that is around you? In the coming year you can do this with the comeback of a well-known and famous series of games

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Somewhere at the end of the previous millennium, he had a genre of action-simulation games that allowed players to enter into the fictional universe of the BattleTech box game and to drive massive destruction machines with an arsenal of cannons And missiles - all within a very complicated and complicated interface that gave the titles the futuristic sense needed at a time when visual abilities were very primitive compared to what we are used to today.

As the years go by and as many types of games have high entry threshold for new users, even the dreaded robots retreated - until now, when the independent Canadian developer Pirnha Games is planning the return of the most famous series in this particular genre, MechWarrior.

MechWarrior 5 was announced about a year ago, technically, but the first real gameplay is only revealed to us now

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be launched as 17 years after the MechWarrior 4, based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and with single-player or co-op mode for four players together, allowing players to rebuild the most effective war machine they can ever imagine Graphically impressive and much advanced, of course much more. There will even be support for various models that will build amateur players.

A pair of fresh gameplay videos allow us to get a better idea of ​​what awaits us in the coming year, from those people who created the free, robotic mass-destruction title MechWarrior Online, which will continue to operate and evolve in the foreseeable future alongside this new version. Are you impressed, or not so?

The way to officially launch MechWarrior 5 is still far away, with a target date of December 2018 - but we certainly hope to see here a product that will be able to honor its origins on the one hand and find a new target audience that will breathe new life into this title and possibly others.


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