Australians, Far Cry and others: weekend gaming

Wallav's online stores, and- Offer you a variety of deals you should not miss

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Free games are always a blessing As far as we're concerned, but if you're looking for a little more up-to-date experiences and are willing to pay for it - we have quite a few relevant suggestions for you for the coming days.

Steam platform weekend promotions include The latest titles based on the Dragon Ball series - Includes the successful battle game Dragon Ball FighterZ at a discount of 60 percent of the original price to 85.2 shekels, with an additional discount of 50 per cent for the DLC package that adds eight fighters to the title.

This weekend and until next Monday you also have the opportunity to experiment The investment strategy titles of Amplitude Studio and the Sega distributor - Endless Legend and Endless Space 2 are all downloadable and free of charge, with those who are interested can purchase them and all the bundles of content added for them at discounts up to 90%: Complete Endless Legend package with no less than 7 The DLC content that expands the existing gameplay is available for NIS 100.48, the Dungeon of the Endless game is offered on 10.98, while Endless Space in a full package is available at NIS 7.39.

Endless Space 2

The spectacular platform title Hollow Knight, Which holds 95 percent positive reviews on, Is also available in the next two days at a reduced price - NIS 36.92 instead of NIS 56 - and the first DLC package is available for purchase at a third of the price, or for NIS 12.21.

For dessert, Steam offers gamers the benefit of discounts The best games that come to us from distant Australia, With cuts of up to 85 per cent of the original prices: Among the dozens of offers you can find the title of puzzles and high-quality thinking Antichamber in 18.48 shekels, the Aramello strategy game in NISNUMX, the stylish action game City of Brass in 36.97 NIS, the tactical role playing game Reign in 33.27 Shekalim, the action-role game Fight the Dragon in 16.64 NIS and much more.

Satellite Reign

Is not that enough for you? You can also contact UBSoft's uPlay Store, where you will find discounts on All Far Cry brand titles As part of preparations for the upcoming launch of the new chapter, the 5 You can purchase for 24 EUR for the base version or 36 Euro for a version that includes all its DLC content, Original and revolutionary 2 you can get for 4 Euro each, the Primal you will receive in Euro 17 and the base version of 4 you can get at 12 Euro. If you want to enjoy everything at the same time, you can also purchase a package that includes all five major titles in the series from the original to the Primal, at a total price of 35 Euro. Worth a look.

One of the DLC packages 5, which is called Lost on Mars

If you still have cash left for some reason, you can also go to the EA Games Origin Store where you are expected A variety of winter treats, Up to 29 in January - Star Wars Battlefront 2 sold on 10 Euro, the great Titanfall 2 is offered at 7.5 EUR, the renewed version for Burnout Paradise is available at 10 Euro, Need for Speed: Payback Sold on 10 Euro, Madden NFL The latest 19 is offered at 24 EUR and also V launched two months ago is available for the first half of its original price, or for 30 EUR for those interested.

Madden NFL 2019