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Back to Chernobyl: The spiritual successor to STALKER is a success in mass funding

Chernobylite is a game that wants to bring us back to the chilling radioactive disaster area of ​​Ukraine - this time with three-dimensional environment scanning technologies that will make the experience even more realistic

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The STALKER series of the Ukrainian GSC Game World was not perfect, but remains one of the most original and unique in the modern action games landscape thanks to the mysterious and threatening atmosphere that draws the actors into the world quickly - and it is not surprising to meet the words of longing and dreams of a modern comeback in all corners of the web . While we have no significant details About the long-awaited development of STALKER 2 by some of the original creators - a new game manufactured and others pretending to bring us back to the environment of the potentially radioactive plant in the Ukraine as soon as possible.

Chernobylite Is a game of action, horror and survival developed by the Polish studio The Farm 51, which was previously responsible for titles such as NecroVision and Painkiller: Hell and Damnation and more recently about the title of the unique horror Get Even - with the goal of launching for personal computers and consoles before the end of the year and with an enterprise Financing in Kickstarter which has already crossed the bar of 100,000 dollars.

The new project will be based on a plot developed by one of the people who worked on the original STALKER, which is clearly cited as a major source of inspiration in the introductory video for the fundraising venture. Survival and construction, as well as a branching plot that will be influenced by the player's decisions, and less shooting games.

The abandoned area of ​​Chernobyl is undoubtedly a fertile ground for supernatural horror stories of all kinds and genres

Chernobylite will use real-world geometric mapping technology that will create a more authentic and compelling game world than in the past. This is also the reason for the current mobilization of the masses - the desire to carry out additional documentation trips to the city of Pripiat and the destroyed nuclear reactor area in order to expand the raw material Existing and increasing the game.

So far, more than 118,000 has been collected for Chernobylite, which is more than the minimum amount placed on the 100,000 by the developers - and with 17 more days remaining there seems to be potential to see bonuses and additions to the final product, such as the ability to create improvements to weapons and types of ammunition Will be added to the game after raising a total of 130,000 dollars.

Chernobylite is certainly not an 2 STALKER - but it is easy to find similarities between the two due to the source of inspiration they share

Chernobylite is designed to reach retailers in November and 2019, for the consoles of Microsoft and Sony and for personal computers Through the Steam platform (With an earlier version of the Early Access program). Does it look promising or unnecessary? Share comments.

Click here to go to the mass mobilization page of the title in Kickstarter


3 תגובות

  1. אם הם ימשיכו עם הגראפיקה הזו עדיף שלא יבזבזו לנו את החיים.
    מה הבעיה? מה אי אפשר לעשות טקסטורות כמו של METRO?
    יש להם את הקטע הקומוניסטי הזה של גראפיקה צולעת ובי אישית זה מעור סלידה (ואני באתי מימי CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN 2D)
    STALKER נראה מגניב, ובימים שהייתי בנסיגה הייתי מתקינה אותו ןמנסה שוב, אבל תמיד זנחתי אותו בגלל בממשקים הדפוקים שלו.

    1. זה משחק 100% INDIE, והם דורשים 100 אלף דולר!
      סדרת METRO ממשחק שני הפכה ל AAA מבחינת תקציב ועבודה ובמשחק השלישי הושקעו עשרות מיליוני דולרים!

  2. Quote of 1stcowgirl

    If they continue with this graphics, it is better not to waste our lives. What is the problem? What can not do textures like METRO's?

    I'm so thirsty for a game like STALKER that I have no problem living with this graphics.

    חוצמזה, תמיד יש מקום לקהילת המודרים…

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